Weekly Checkup: Practice Profitability Index


If you haven’t kept up with Power Your Practice’s progress as of late, you probably don’t know why this week in particular has been a special one in our young history.

On Tuesday, PYP rolled out the red carpet for the well-received Practice Profitability Index (PPI), a collaboration between CareCloud and QuantiaMD, one of the world’s largest physician social networks and platform for collaboration.

The results of the index were taken from an interactive online survey of 5,012 physicians hosted on the latter’s platform, and it’s already recognized as one of the largest physician studies of its kind. Check out the PPI report in full, its accompanying infographic and PPI-inspired articles at PowerYourPractice.com/PPI.

You can always look up and click on the ‘PPI’ tab as well! It’s not going anywhere, scout’s honor.

In addition to articles compiled to celebrate the PPI release – which include tips for handling declining reimbursement rates, government mandates that hurt practice profitability, and reasons why EHR adoption rates vary across certain specialties – PYP also published a stellar PhysBizTech contributor article about the 2014 ePrescription reporting deadline, as well an insightful piece on the new HHS pricing index.

On that note, enjoy the long weekend, and don’t forget to check out the PPI report in full – it makes for excellent beach reading. We promise!

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