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Our Medical Coding Services can help your practice maximize reimbursements and reduce administrative costs, allowing you to have more time to focus on patient care. Our team of certified medical coders handles the complete lifecycle of your medical claims. With this service in your corner, you may see an improvement in clean claim rates, a speedy turnaround on denials, and improved cash flow. CareCloud works to take over time-consuming tasks, while providing high-quality services at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to practice medicine, not administration.

Utilize CareCloud for your Medical

When choosing CareCloud, get access to the following features:


CareCloud offers your practice the ability to screen, hire, and assess coders based on client-specific requirements and Medical Coding needs.

Accurate Coding

Utilizing CareCloud for your Medical Coding ensures your practice will receive accurate and compliant coding, reducing the risk of claim denials, audits, and penalties.

Constant Communication

With CareCloud, your practice will receive constant communication with our coding management, with quotas required by each manager to ensure your Medical Coding is never compromised.

Expertise & Ongoing Support

Delegating your medical coding responsibilities to our team of experts enhances efficiency and productivity, enabling staff to concentrate on providing patient care.

Real Time Analytics

We also strive to provide real-time reporting on coding metrics and coder performance.

Utilize our Medical Coding Services to Increase your Practice’s Efficiency

Our user-friendly interface allows you and your practice to streamline care for your patients; by utilizing our all-in-one platform, medical professionals can manage patients from anywhere.

Medical Coding Process

At CareCloud, our medical coding process involves four key steps:

Retrieving Patient Information:

Gathering essential data, including nursing documentation, physicians' records, and patient demographic sheets, to initiate the coding process.

Entering Key Details:

Inputting crucial information such as the place of service, physician's name, and applicable price modifiers into the system for comprehensive coding.

Assigning Relevant Codes:

Precision in the coding process involves assigning the appropriate codes, that is, compliant with applicable regulatory bodies such as: CPT, HCPCS, ICD, DRG codes, HCC, and modifiers, ensuring accuracy.

Rechecking & Auditing:

Thoroughly review the assigned codes and conduct multiple rounds of audits to identify potential up-coding or down-coding errors, ensuring the integrity of the coding process.



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Key Benefits of Our Medical Coding Services

  • CareCloud is a global medical solution provider granting services to over 40 thousand practices worldwide. Thus, by utilizing our Medical Coding Services, your practice is bound to see a rise in revenue generation. Our experienced team ensures your in-house costs are as low as possible, allowing you to focus on patient satisfaction.
  • At CareCloud, we understand the importance of using correct codes to ensure accuracy for better patient care. With our medical coding services, your practice can also improve its workflow efficiency and productivity, thus enhancing its revenue growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Medical coding is the process of converting patient’s healthcare information, such as medical procedures, diagnosis, necessary medical equipment, and medical services into universal medical alphanumeric codes.

At CareCloud, our medical coding process involves four key steps, which are:

  • Retrieving Patient Information
  • Entering Key Details
  • Assigning Relevant Codes
  • Rechecking and Auditing

Medical codes convert patient diagnosis, relevant medical conditions, provided services, and administered medical equipment or devices for data tracking and timely reimbursement, into pre-ordained medical codes.

A medical coder is an administrative professional who helps to translate and transcribe important health documents for insurance purposes. Medical coders are responsible for protecting patient data, as well as ensuring that healthcare providers can accurately bill a patient based on services provided.

Among the top medical coding service providers, CareCloud’s medical coding services provide constant communication with our coding managers to ensure complete transparency, while also maximizing reimbursements and minimizing revenue leakage.

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