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Helping established home healthcare facilities manage operations, streamline patient scheduling, and get ahead on referrals.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

A Partnership to Help Manage Operations

Whether you decide to transition to our robust, end-to-end solution or maintain your system, CareCloud Remote is capable of integrating with Raintree and other leading clinical systems to give you maximum enterprise flexibility. As your operations partner, the choice is always yours.


Elevate your organization’s workflow management seamlessly with an enterprise solution that tracks mobile clinicians in and out of the office for onsite visits. Streamline referral management all with the help of a dedicated team of professionals.

Get therapists and clinicians to patients faster with efficient scheduling for onsite visits. The proprietary built-in algorithm uses location tracking to get clinicians to patients on time.

Scheduling Efficiency

The proprietary tracking algorithm is used to schedule clinician’s workday based on patients’ proximity. Eliminate inefficient scheduling and arrive on-time to all appointments.

Increase Transparency

Credentialing dashboard identifies which physicians are following SOPs. Clinicians and administrators gain visibility into referral management, case management and patient intake information.

Personalized Support

Provides partnership-level support to ensure you’re successful. The dedicated team is able to support initiatives such as patient satisfaction by creating post visit surveys and personalized greetings.

“CareCloud Remote has helped our facility turn referrals around in days, streamlining the referral process and giving us the power to admit new patients, same day,” said XX, XX Fox Rehab. The application has also ensured that we get the right therapists to the right place, at the right time.”

Gain key benefits when you partner with CareCloud

Revenue Cycle Management

Professional claims processing, denial management, A/R management, combined with our specialized back-office team, improve profitability and eliminate administrative burdens.

Match Clinicians to Patients

Support team prioritizes patient referrals and assigns them to appropriate clinicians. Clinicians are able to utilize the workflow algorithm for delegating tasks.

Operational Dashboards

Referral management, case management and patient intake calls are all visible on one platform, saving you time on unnecessary steps.

Patient Satisfaction Resources

Patient greetings and post-service calls. Retrieve patient feedback 14 days after discharge. Reviews triaged to support teams as needed.

IT and Support Team Partnership

IT component manages administrative tasks while a dedicated team of professionals coordinates with practice to cater solutions to specific needs.


Tracking algorithm relieves scheduling time-crunches and late appointments by scheduling clinicians based on patient proximity.