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Increasing practice revenue and improving patient satisfaction without adding operational cost and burden to providers.



As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care standards, there is an increasing demand on providers to proactively manage chronic care conditions. Practices are facing staffing challenges, time and budget constraints, which is why CareCloud Wellness helps you hand off chronic care management to a dedicated team of experienced practitioners that help you extend care without investing in operational resources. CareCloud Wellness is an elective program that boosts care for chronically ill patients, giving providers additional reimbursement opportunities through participation in the government’s chronic care management (CCM) incentive program.


Create additional monthly revenue opportunities by simply participating in the program. There is no operational cost for your practice. Receive additional reimbursements for non-face-to-face care you’re already performing, such as e-prescribe and chart reviews.


Increase patient engagement with monthly check-ins and adjustments to care plans. Patients will feel supported with enhanced care from this Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS). Plus, reduce office calls while increasing patient visits.


We eliminate managerial burdens by providing you with a dedicated team to handle all tasks from the initial patient outreach to the monthly check-ins. Enjoy a seamless process for patients and providers, from start-of-care on.

Earn Additional Revenue

Increase your annual revenue up to $74,000* for every 100 patients.

Gain an additional $744,000* annually for every 1,000 patients.

*Based on national average. Actual reimbursement varies depending on practice locale.

Proactively Manage Your Patients with These Key Benefits.

Dedicated Team of Care Managers

We manage the program, so you don’t have to. Care managers identify chronic care conditions, call patients monthly, follow-up with patients, update care plan, and schedule appointments to relieve you of costly and timely administrative burdens.

Medical Reconciliation

Our experienced clinical pharmacy team serves as a patient advocate, helping them understand their medications to prevent misuse. Our pharmacy team monitors drug interactions, dosage and frequency and reviews with both the provider and patient.

Nutrition Management

Our nutrition team takes a holistic approach to promoting a diet-first treatment strategy. With specialized nutrition plans and resources for nutritional support, nutritionists teach patients how to improve their diet and formulate a provider-backed plan to achieve nutrition goals.