CareCloud Solutions

Flexible, services and cloud-based solutions designed to help your healthcare organization grow.

Electronic Health Records

Drive better clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

Increase profitability and decrease administrative burdens.

Digital Health

Transition to the next generation of healthcare.


Connect with patients using easy virtual visits.

Patient Experience Management

Deliver a modern patient experience.

Practice Management

Simplify your workflow, boost productivity.

Healthcare Analytics

Business intelligence for data-driven decisions.

Workforce Extension

Power your growth with on-demand professionals and automation.

Robotic Process Automation

Your behind-the-scenes digital workforce.

Release of Information

Secure, accurate, and timely fulfillment of ROI requests.


Set the standard for healthcare data exchange.


Financial, administrative and clinical experts at your disposal.

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Tools and services as specialized as your practice.

Group Purchasing Organization

Save on vaccines, supplies, and services.

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Take control beyond the point of care to streamline referral management and more

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Revolutionize Patient Care with our AI-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) software

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