CareCloud Remote for Therapy

Your Mobile Companion for a Modern Practice

Seamless Access and Clinician Efficiency

Imagine a world where patients can easily find the right clinician for their needs, schedule appointments online in minutes, and pay for their care with the click of a button. A world where clinicians are freed from the burden of administrative tasks and can focus on providing the best possible care to their patients. A world where therapy practices are more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Enter CareCloud Remote for Therapy….here’s how it helps:

Smart Scheduling

CareCloud Remote for Therapy connects patients with the right clinicians, automates schedule management, and offers real-time traffic updates. Managers have comprehensive team control, while clinicians benefit from personalized scheduling suggestions and traffic alerts.

Our advanced algorithm matches patients with the right clinicians based on their needs and availability.  

Our intuitive interface automates schedule creation and management  

Provides real-time traffic updates and route suggestions for clinicians.

Plus, managers have unmatched, comprehensive control over their teams with CareCloud Remote’s powerful features:

  • View/Hold Pending Assignments
  • Assign Cases to Clinicians
  • View Case Details and History
  • Add Notes for Patients
  • Extend Holds and Reassign Cases
  • Add Treatment Team Members
  • View Appointment History
  • View Open Issues and Tasks
  • Approve/Deny PTO Requests
  • Reassign Void Appointments
  • Update Clinician Information
  • View Clinician Schedules

OnSite Documentation

CareCloud Remote enables instant access to vital patient details, allowing clinicians to understand the visit purpose, check real-time patient balances, and effortlessly secure signatures and consents during the visit.

Collect medical history and contact details effortlessly.

Manage outstanding patient balances for financial clarity.

Secure digital signatures and consent during the visit.

Transmit referral orders promptly.

Scan, detect, and organize documents seamlessly.

Simplify submissions by uploading multiple documents at once.

Keep records current by updating insurance and address information.

Manage diagnosis and procedure information conveniently.

Create or update patient profiles for accurate records.

Healthcare professionals can manually create, review, and sign referrals as needed.


To stay compliant, our system simplifies record-keeping by efficiently collecting essential logs, including geolocation and tracking. This helps verify clinician and asset locations for compliance, especially under scrutiny. We also make visit verification easy with electronic signatures and geolocation, ensuring Medicare requirements are met and maintaining an accurate data repository. 

Clinical Charting

Remote makes clinical charting on-the-go easy with its talkEHR integration. It helps healthcare professionals take real-time notes, reduce paperwork, improve data accuracy, and work together more effectively. 

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