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Coupling a high-tech and a high-touch approach to proactively monitor and deliver care backed by real-time data.


Data-driven decisions for
better care delivery and outcomes

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care standards, there is an increasing demand on providers to proactively manage chronic conditions. However, practices are often in a reactionary state awaiting in-person patient visits to get an understanding of their health conditions. CareCloud Wellness for Remote Patient Monitoring provides real-time data-driven understanding of a patient’s disease state with the use of connected electronic devices, enabling the providers to make proactive evidence-based clinical decisions. A dedicated team of experienced care coordinators will help you deliver care without investing in operational resources.


Instead of waiting for an in-person visit, monitor your patient’s state daily with connected electronic devices. Reframe your care delivery from a passive-reactive transaction to an active-proactive relationship with the use of real-time data.


Increase patient engagement with monthly check-ins and adjustments to care plans. Patients will feel supported with enhanced care from this Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS). Plus, reduce office calls while increasing patient visits.


Eliminate managerial burdens with a dedicated team. Let us take care of the time-consuming follow-up tasks of the program, including engaging the initial enrollment call and monthly calls thereafter. In addition, responding to critical readings and unscheduled patient calls.

Be at the forefront of transformational change.

Remote Patient Monitoring is part of the CareCloud Wellness digital health suite of solutions that propels forward-thinking practices in the next generation of healthcare. Take part in the industry’s transformational shift from transactional to relational connections.


Proactively Manage Your Patients with These Key Benefits.

Monitoring Device Inventory

We provide FDA-approved monitoring units at no cost to the practice, equipped with cellular technology to automatically transmit readings to the monitoring system. Technical support will also be provided during the program duration.

Dedicated Team of Care Managers

We manage the program, so you don’t have to. Certified care managers identify chronic conditions, call patients monthly, update care plans, and monitor & address critical readings based on real-time data to relieve you of costly and timely administrative burdens.

End-to-End Solution

We not only identify patient eligibility and provide monitoring devices, but we also support you with the comprehensive revenue cycle solution by helping with coding, scrubbing, and claim submissions for your practice. Seamlessly work with a single partner, from implementing the RPM program to getting paid.

HIPAA and Safety

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that patient data will remain secured– from data collection on the device assigned to the patient to the HIPAA-compliant platform that houses the readings. Seamless and secure data management eliminating transfers into other interfaces or channels by working with a single end-to-end solution provider.


Simply calculate your practice’s ROI when implementing CCM or RPM.


Frequently Asked Questions

The device is free of cost with a battery and an international sim card included and activated to send the cellular data.
  • An active patient visited within the last nine months
  • Insurance type (Medicare, Medicare Advantage)
  • Diagnosis (applicable ICD-10 codes for respective monitoring devices)
  • Practice guidance on handling secondary insurance (if applicable) and/or copay
Once the provider sees the eligibility notification in the scheduler and determines the patient required monitoring, the provider is responsible for explaining the program's value to the patient during their in-person visit. The provider will then ask the patient if they want to participate in the program. A script is prepared as a guideline for the provider to start the conversation.
No, there is no sign-up or termination cost for the practice and provider to participate in the program.
Providers will have a portal to review the readings in real-time.
Yes, a patient can be billed separately for CCM and RPM program. The CCM focuses on overall management of chronic conditions whereas the RPM is more focused on data analysis. Both programs have different care team members and patients will receive communication.
Once the provider speaks to the patient and they agree to participate in the program, the practice staff is responsible for selecting the device from the inventory and inserting the batteries. The practice staff will then assign the patient to the device selected in the web portal. They will show the patient how to use the device, conduct the first reading while in person, and ensure the first reading registers in the portal.