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Setting the standard for interoperability in healthcare and data exchange.

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CareCloud Connector is a seamless, scalable, centralized platform that helps you truly collaborate with healthcare providers. Eliminate data communication challenges with a library of industry-tested, ready-to-use integrations, interfaces, and customizable tools.

INTEROPERABILITY THAT HELPS Turn Development Projects Into Simple Activations

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Improve Activation Process

Speed through the development process and save countless hours of developer and administration work with a built-in integration library.

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Optimize Data Management

A single platform that provides visibility to your entire integration portfolio. Manage crosswalks, indexes, and interface status.

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Leverage Integration Support

Centralized portal provides enterprise level guidance from engineers. Enhance and troubleshoot processes to optimize your integrations.

A Next-Generation Interfacing Engine for Your Healthcare Organization

As you grow your healthcare organization, processes can become highly nuanced when you need to connect with several systems for claim submissions. Eliminate working with various vendors for EHR integrations and data management. Why start from scratch? With our ready-to-use integration library, there’s no need to handle complex integration requirements for development backed by enterprise-grade support that you need throughout the integration process.


CareCloud Received Cures Act Final Rule Certification from ONC for Creating a State-of-the-art Centralized Platform

CareCloud received the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule certification from ONC in the December of 2022, which confirms that CareCloud’s solutions are comprehensive, safe, and compliant for data management, exchange, access, and viewing. Our healthcare interoperability solutions use HIPAA-compliant environments to ensure appropriate and secure data sharing. The fewer healthcare personnel manually update patient data, the less likelihood of exposure to security concerns.


Vendor agnostic interoperability for healthcare collaborators

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Lab Interfaces

Connect to a single integration point that instantly plugs you into our lab integration library.

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Data Imports/Extracts

Transform from any system to any format. Provides support in scrubbing and managing data quality.

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FHIR Integrations

Convert generic data into FHIR based elements.

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EHR/Software Integrations

Connect to a single integration point that instantly plugs you into our EHR integration library.

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Immunization Integrations

Connect to a single integration point that instantly plugs you into our immunization integration library.

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Convert generic data into CCDA based elements.

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CareCloud Conductor is a family of technologies for interoperability, data exchange, and connectivity. A suite of solutions that are designed to work well together or in isolation.