Robotic Process Automation

A digital workforce that automates repetitive, mundane, error-prone RCM tasks.Optimize your process

Microbots – Your Behind-the-Scenes Digital Workforce

Eliminate Manual Processes. Optimize Financial Performance. All with Robotic Process Automation Software.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution that uses Microbots to help automate routine revenue cycle management tasks. It’s time you focused on more important, revenue-generating activities.

Our open architecture and dedication to healthcare allows us to alleviate costly, labor-intensive tasks in your revenue cycle workflow.

Healthcare Focused Robotic Process Automation Tool

Unlike most RPA solutions, Microbots are built specifically to identify and rectify unique challenges in the healthcare industry.

Payers Access

Our relationships with top clearinghouses make for a more efficient  workflow process.

System Compatible

API architecture is openly designed to interact with your PM, EHR, and other healthcare systems.

Unparalleled Security

Built with the complexities of healthcare data security in mind. Practice easy when HIPAA and other bot-related compliances are accounted for.

Fast Implementation

Fully packaged plug-and-play for revenue cycle management that may be implemented in a matter of weeks.

Premier Support

We take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on patient care. Our premier technical support team handles everything from implementation, to development and maintenance.

Maximize Revenue with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation prevents your claims from falling through the cracks. Microbots work in the background analyzing your open claims and managing denials to ensure settlements and reimbursements are achieved on time. This provides, on average, a 33% reduction in aged Accounts Receivable.

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Choose Your Digital Assistants

Microbots were developed to assist your revenue cycle processes. Think of our RPA solutions as being a fully-packaged plug-and-play RCM enhancement that boosts your financial performance.

Let Microbots Handle

Claim Follow Up

Identifies no-response payers and automatically resubmits claims found not on file. Notates which claims have been denied, paid, unpaid, or under review.

Denial Management

Automatically reviews and resubmits claims when denials are received. Cross-checks patient eligibility and returns eligible insurance to your practice management system for resubmission.

Insurance Discovery

Helps locate eligible insurance and automatically returns insurance information to your Practice Management System.

Health and Wellness Check

Automatically check on the status, health, wellbeing, and needs of your patient population with an easy-to-view response dashboard.

Medical Record Upload

Eliminate costly manual efforts associated with printing, mailing, and uploading medical record attachments or records requested to show medical necessity.

Payment Processing

Automatically posts payments from third party systems into your practice management system.

Authorization Confirmation

Ensures authorization and corresponding CPT codes are correct, prior to claim submission to reduce errors and minimize denials.

Timely Filing

Automatically alerts you when claims are approaching timely filing limits by payer to ensure focus is placed on submission of these claims for adjudication.

Contractual Payments

Compares payments against payer-contracted amounts and flags underpayments, so staff can make appeals.

Real Time Adjustments

Automatic cleanup of irretrievable balances enables proactive account management and financial reconciliation.


Creates appeal letters and submits appeals based on specific payer requirements and processes.

Intelligent Document Processing

Interprets and extracts data from scanned, printed documents to replace manual demographic and charge entry.

Improve Efficiency

Leveraging microbots allows you to eliminate human errors and bypass time constraints. With an average processing speed of 3 seconds per claim or eligibility check, microbots collect every dollar, faster.

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Microbots were designed to complement your RCM process and seamlessly connect with your existing systems. They’re so efficient that sometimes, it’s easy to forget they even exist. Digital assistants work covertly behind the scenes to give you tangible results that boost operations and enhance cashflow.

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