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Mobile ready and easily accessible from the web, patients can quickly check in, answer COVID-19 screening questions and pay for their visit before even stepping into your practice. 

Contactless Check-in

Eliminate the risk of high touch items like tablets and clipboards. With Breeze, patients can easily check-in from home or from the waiting room while on their own personal device.

Telehealth Equipped

A frictionless virtual experience is possible with Breeze’s telehealth conscious workflow. Patients can request a telehealth appointment, check-in, and then join their telehealth appointment with a quick click of a button on their computer, Android, or iOS device.

Patient Communication

Connecting with your patients and sending critical information has never been more important. Easily send important communication to patients before they enter your office. Let everyone know the latest news with your practice before their visit.

Safely Collect Payments

Avoid the physical exchange of cash, checks, or cards. Practices can leverage the payment power behind Breeze and encourage patients to pay from the comfort of their home, while on the go or in the office. Create a safe transaction for all.


From the fastest patient registration and intake solution to seamless integration into your PM and EHR, Breeze makes every interaction between patients and your practice easier than ever.


Turn paper and pens into taps and clicks for patients in your practice, at home or on the go with the fastest electronic intake solution available.


Eliminate waiting by having patients fill out forms ahead of time, and have their answers populate directly into your PM and EHR.

Automated Appointment Management

Patients can request, reschedule, pre-pay and get reminders for upcoming appointments without a single minute of staff time wasted.

With Breeze in place we saw a 25-minute check-in process go down to 5-7 minutes for new patients, and as little as 2 minutes for existing ones.

Dr. Glass
South Georgia Primary Care

No more paper

Patients can review and update demographic and insurance information anytime, from anywhere. Their answers are automatically sent to your CareCloud Central PM for staff to review and approve.

No more repetitive interviews

Registration forms and your unique clinical intake questionnaires are easy to build using Breeze’s powerful forms engine. That way, patients’ answers flow right into your EHR as discrete data and are presented to clinicians at the point of care instantly.

No more compliance headaches

Configure when you show your consent forms based on visit type, location or provider, and never spend another minute building pre-registration packs again. For time-sensitive forms, you can also trigger them every month, quarter or year (so those annual HIPAA forms are shown only when you need them). And all signed forms are automatically saved to your PM as a PDF for safekeeping, of course.

Make your practice

Collecting on patient responsibility is no longer a pain thanks to multiple payment options and configurable payment plans. Ultimate payment convenience means patients find paying outstanding balances a breeze, whether they are in your practice, at home or on the go.



Integrated Payments

Save time and collect more, faster, by having patient payments – in your practice or from anywhere else – automatically post to the patient’s account in your PM.


Reduced Claim Denials

Collect accurate demographic information to enable eligibility verification. And a fully digital workflow that eliminates transcription errors means faster reimbursement and a stronger financial performance in your practice.


Configurable Payment Plans

Give patients the flexibility to pay how they want with a powerful payment plan builder they can use all on their own, within parameters set by your practice.


Retail and eCommerce

Powerful yet easy-to-configure retail capabilities lets your practice build a profitable new revenue source – or supercharge your existing efforts. And every purchase is posted right to your PM in the patient’s ledger, avoiding any need for reconciliation headaches.

higher patient collection rate

higher revenue per encounter

“Patients are actually paying down balances that we didn’t think to ask for. They might be putting down $20 against a $600 balance, but before Breeze, they didn’t even know they had a balance in the first place.”

Hanady Beydoun
Heart and Vascular Institute

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Offer Choice and Convenience

Patients are more likely to pay balances if they can choose their preferred method. With Breeze, now they can pay how they want: credit card, debit card, HSA, FSA, Apple Pay, Android Pay. And there are even more options on the way.

Transparency Throughout

Because Breeze runs natively in the same platform as CareCloud, patients can see a detailed breakdown of their balance, down to the specific charges within an encounter. That means less confusion or complaints, and greater trust between you and your patients.

New Revenue Streams

Offer products to patients as a trusted advisor in the same place where they manage their appointments, fill out forms, review lab results and pay their bills. That means a more convenient experience for patients, and a healthier financial position for your practice.

more modern

Provide your patients with a seamless, modern and pain-free experience thanks to the only fully-integrated patient experience solution across mobile, web and in your practice. Breeze gives you the perfect marriage of beautiful hardware and award-winning software that will delight your patients and make your practice a leader in your community.

“It’s a wonderful thing to be able to make an appointment for your doctor’s office, look at your account, and do your registration all on your own time – not the set hours of the practice. And it looks great too – the clean look gives it that ‘smart feel’ to patients that they are looking for. Patients love it!”

Barbara Arbide
Academic Allergy and Asthma


Beautiful Hardware

Thanks to CareCloud’s partnership with First Data®, you can offer patients a true kiosk experience at your practice using the stunning select hardware from the Clover® family


Extend Your Capabilities

With access to the Clover® app marketplace and its over 300 curated business applications, your practice can leapfrog the competition and streamline even more workflows. From running loyalty campaigns to managing time and attendance for staff, the sky’s the limit.


Responsive Software

Breeze gives you a clean, easy to use, practical and convenient experience that makes using it a delight – for patients and staff. Enterprise-grade security, functionality and capabilities all live behind a modern, friendly exterior.


Make It Your Own

Fully configurable workflows lets you craft a patient experience that is unique to your practice. From the welcome screen with your logo to custom triggers for each form, a choice of whether to ask for payments at check-in, check-out (or both), and much more, Breeze gives you the tools to take your patient experience to the next level.

Hundreds of Features. Thousands of Possibilities.

One Single Patient Experience Platform.

Breeze en Español

The entire Breeze experience is available in Spanish, with clinical intake answers automatically translated to English before posting to the EHR

Relevant Notifications

E-mail, push and SMS notifications for appointments (confirmed, cancelled, scheduled, denied), balances due, messages received, and payments made

QR Code Login

Patients can generate a unique code to quickly log in to their appointment at your practice

Configurable Prepayments

Set prepayment requirements for specific visit types, and collect directly when the appointment is being requested

Single Experience

Patients only need to sign-in once, with one account, to see all their providers and practices on Breeze

Self-Service Forms

Easy to use form builder lets you create, update, add and remove forms whenever you want – no need for delays or vendor involvement

Cancellation Fees

Protect your time with mandatory cancellation fees configured by visit type, collected automatically

Check-out Forms

Ask patients follow-up questions, satisfaction ratings, or schedule their next appointment

Form Routing

Choose exactly where you want each form to be saved in CareCloud when completed by a patient

Itemized Charges

Patients can see each individual line item that forms part of their outstanding balance for full transparency

Card on File

Assure payments by saving cards on file and make paying as convenient as a single tap or click

Simple Refunds

Process refunds directly within Breeze in no time for payments made using the application

Emailed Receipts

Send patients electronic receipts for every payment they make through Breeze

Inventory Tracking

Get alerts when your products are running low and track how many products you’ve sold at a glance


Cover multiple MIPS measures across improvement activities like IA_BE_6, IA_EPA_3, IA_BMH_4 and more

Real-time Shipping Estimates

Ship products to your patients quickly with accurate estimates of cost and time at check-out

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Patients that add products to their cart but don’t complete a purchase can be reminded to follow through

Secure Messaging

Patients and providers can communicate securely anytime, all within the same experience

Sales and Discounts

Offer patients specific promotions to reward loyalty or drive sales of the products you offer over the counter

Forms on the Fly

Present patients with any form, any time – even without a specific appointment or check-in workflow in place

Updated Patient Information

Avoid costly denials and keep your patient records up to date by having patient-submitted updates flagged for staff to update in your system

Clinical Information

Give patients all the information they need to stay on top of their health like lab results or medications and allergies

User Roles and Rights

Configure staff member access and permissions across every feature and setting for full control and peace of mind

Partial Payments

Collect more at the time of service, even for large balances, with the option to pay at least something against a balance

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