Patient Experience Management

Drive Patient Engagement, Loyalty and Revenue
Across Care Continuum

A Delightful Experience

Breeze lets patient check-in, pay for the visit or answer screening questions via mobile or web even before stepping into your practice saving them and your staff intake time and effort.  

Remote Check-in

Our digital solution allows patients to easily check-in from home or waiting area from their personal device, mitigating the risk of getting in contact with items like clipboards and tablets.

Telehealth Equipped

Breeze’s telehealth-conscious workflow ensures a seamless virtual experience for patients and providers. It allows patients to request a telehealth visit, check-in, and join the virtual call on their device.

Patient Engagement

Patient satisfaction is significant for MACRA/MIPS, making it more important than ever for practices to connect with patients. Breeze enables providers to effectively communicate with patients before they enter the practice and keep them updated.

Secure Collection

Our solution encourages patients to leverage payment power to pay on the go, from the comfort of their home or in the office. It creates a safe transaction environment for all and eradicates the physical exchange of cash, cards, or checks.

Optimize Patient Journey

From the fastest patient registration and intake solution to quick and easy integration into PM and EHR, Breeze makes every interaction between patient and practice smoother.

Digital Intake

Integrate the fastest patient intake solution in your practice to enhance the care accessibility for patients.

Quick Pre-Registration

Reduce the waiting time or eliminate it by having patients fill out forms online and populating the information directly into your PM and EHR.

Automated Scheduler

Patients can request, reschedule, pre-pay and get reminders for upcoming appointments without staff involvement.

Go Paperless

We provide patients with easy accessibility to review and update insurance and demographic information feasibly. The data automatically sent to your CareCloud Central (PM) for clinical staff to review and approve.


With Breeze’s powerful form engine, you can easily create unique clinical questionnaires and registration forms to ensure patient’s answers flow right into EHR and are accessible by clinicians at the point of care.

Stay Compliant

Minimize the hassle of building pre-registration packs again by configuring when you show your consent forms based on visit type, provider, or location. You can trigger it monthly, quarterly, and annually for time-sensitive forms. Thus, displaying annual HIPAA forms to patients only when required. Additionally, for safekeeping all signed forms are automatically saved to your PM as a PDF file.

Boost Your Practice’s Profitability

With configurable payment plans and multiple payment options, the collection becomes swift. Moreover, Breeze’s ultimate payment convenience simplifies the outstanding balances for patients regardless of where they are; on the go, at home, or in your practice.


Integrated Payments

By having patient payments, you can post to the patient’s account in your PM automatically to save time and improve collections.

Clean Claims

It assists in eligibility verification by allowing you to collect accurate demographic information. Additionally, a fully digital workflow elevates transcription errors for fast reimbursements and improved financial health.

Payment Flexibility

Our powerful payment plan builder enables payment flexibility to help patients pay the way they want within the parameters set by your practice.


With Breeze’s configurable and powerful retail capabilities, you can have an added revenue stream for increased profitability or optimize your existing efforts. We enable you to post every purchase directly into the patient’s ledger in your PM, eliminating reconciliation headaches.

Payment Convenience

When patients have the ability to choose their preferred payment method, they tend to pay balances quickly. Breeze offers them the luxury to pay via HSA, FSA, credit card, debit card, Android Pay, and Apple pay. We are adding more payment options.

Complete Transparency

Since Breeze seamlessly integrates with PM and EHR, patients have a holistic view of their balances and detailed breakdown within an encounter, increasing transparency and trust in your practice.

Added Revenue Streams

As a trusted advisor, Breeze enables you to offer products to patients in the same place where they manage their appointments, lab results, forms, and bills. As a result, patients experience amenity and your practice – a healthier financial standing.

Become A Modern Practice

With our fully—integrated patient experience solution, patients undergo a modern, seamless, and pain-free journey across the mobile/web in your practice. It gives you the perfect union of modern hardware and efficient software – keeping your patients delighted and makes your practice a leader in the healthcare space.

Modern Hardware

CareCloud partnered with First Data® to provide patients with the ultimate kiosk experience at your practice using modern hardware from the Clover® family.

Efficient Software

Breeze makes the entire care journey worthwhile, practical, and convenient for both patient and clinical staff with enterprise-grade security, capabilities, and functionality behind a modern exterior.

Extended Capabilities

Plunge the competition and streamline your workflows with access to the Clover® app marketplace and its 300+ curated business applications. It not only allows you to run loyalty campaigns but also lets you manage time and attendance for staff.


Breeze lets you take your patient experience to the next level by enabling you to craft patients’ experience that is unique to your practice with fully configurable workflows. It includes a welcome screen with your logo, custom triggers for forms, the choice to ask for payments at check-out or check-in or both, and so much more.

A Single Patient Experience Solution with Hundreds of Features and Thousands of Possibilities

Breeze en Español

Breeze is also available in Spanish with an automatic translation feature to convert clinical intake responses into English before populating to the EHR.

Relevant Notifications

Push notifications, email, and SMS for due balances, messages received, appointment status (scheduled, confirmed, canceled, denied), and payments made.

QR Code Login

Enables your patients to quickly log in to your practice for their appointment by generating a unique QR code.


Set pre-payment requirements based on visit type and collect payments when the appointment is requested.

Single Experience

Patients can view all their providers and practices on Breeze with a single sign-in and one account.

Configurable Forms

Breeze’s form builder lets you create, add, update and remove forms without vendor involvement, eliminating potential delays.

Cancellation Fees

You can apply mandatory cancellation fees that will be collected automatically by visit type to save your time.

Check-out Forms

Record patients’ satisfaction levels, ask follow-up questions, or schedule their next appointment.

Route Form

When the patient completes the form, choose where you want it to be saved in CareCloud to easily access it later.

All Item Charges

Patients can see charges for every individual item that comprises their outstanding balance for full transparency.

Card on File

Ensure payment convenience with a single tap or click by saving cards on file.

Easy Refunds

Process refunds directly into Breeze for payments made using the application.

Email Receipts

Send out electronic receipts to patients for every payment they make through Breeze.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of your products with automatic alerts when they are running low and view at a glance how many are sold.


Cover multiple MIPS measures with Breeze across improvement activities like IA_EPA_3, IA_BE_6, IA_BMH_4, and more.

Real-time Shipping Estimates

Quickly ship products to patients with accurate cost estimates and delivery time at check-out.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Automatically remind patients about abandoned carts (incomplete orders) to follow through.

Secure Messaging

Providers and patients can securely communicate anytime.

Sales and Discounts

Drive sales of your over-the-counter products by offering patients specific promotions to reward loyalty.

Quick Forms

Present patients with any form at any time without a check-in or appointment workflow in place.

Updated Patient Data

Keep your payment information updated and avoid costly denials by having patient-submitted information updates flagged for staff to update in your system.

Clinical Information

Patients stay on top of their health with access to all clinical information, including medications, lab results, and allergies.

User Roles and Rights

You can configure access and permission for staff members across every feature and setting for complete control and peace of mind.

Partial Payments

You can increase your collections at the time of service, even for huge balances, with the option of paying at least something against a balance.