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CareCloud’s generative AI solutions are created with your convenience in mind. They’re easy to use, secure, and can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of your practice. Offering features like automated coding and in-chart FAQ assistance, our AI solutions are designed to make your workflows more efficient, improve clinical decision-making, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

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Work smarter, not harder, with CareCloud’s AI solutions. Experience the transformative power of AI to drive better clinical, financial, and operational outcomes, propelling your practice toward a future of success.

CirrusAI Guide

AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support:
CirrusAI Guide automates clinical data input, and assists clinicians in workflow tasks, providing real-time, evidence-based recommendations and personalized suggestions via Vertex AI’s generative AI tools for providers to consider. This innovation can lead to enhanced diagnosis accuracy and treatment planning.

CirrusAI Notes

Clinical Notes:
Introducing CareCloud CirrusAI Notes, revolutionizing clinical documentation. With CirrusAI Notes, providers can capture natural patient-provider conversations in exam room, automatically generate clinical documentation, and save them directly into EHR. Powered by cutting-edge Healthcare Generative AI technology, CirrusAI Notes empowers healthcare providers by reducing clinical documentation burdens, saves 20% time per day, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional patient care. Expanding its reach and diversity with the ability to support multiple languages, experience the future of healthcare with CareCloud CirrusAI Notes.

CirrusAI Chat

AI-Powered Virtual Support Assistant:
CirrusAI Chat facilitates natural language conversations with practice staff members, offering valuable assistance in navigating CareCloud EHR workflows. This tool streamlines post-training and onboarding for new staff, reducing response times and providing real-time assistance, ultimately saving time.

CirrusAI Appeals

AI-Driven Appeals:
CirrusAI Appeals generates customized appeal letters by analyzing patient claim details, the appeal’s reason, and the specific payer involved for healthcare workers to review, edit, and send. This functionality supports CareCloud’s revenue cycle management (RCM) teams in optimizing providers’ RCM and securing proper reimbursement.


Revolutionized Clinical

CirrusAI revolutionizes the clinical documentation process by using advanced AI technology to reduce the workload of time-consuming administrative tasks. It intelligently examines patient interactions, medical backgrounds, and diagnostic information, allowing Cirrus Guide to automatically create detailed and precise patient records that clinicians can quickly review and confirm. This cutting-edge AI documentation tool gives healthcare professionals the ability to save time previously used for manual notetaking, giving them more opportunities to concentrate on what’s most important: delivering outstanding patient care.

Medical Insights at
Your Fingertips

In the complex realm of healthcare, every decision is of great significance. CirrusAI empowers healthcare providers with exceptional support, guaranteeing well-informed diagnoses and medication selections to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. At the point of care, Cirrus Guide seamlessly becomes a trusted advisor. It meticulously evaluates patient symptoms and delves into their medical history, revealing insightful clinical recommendations based on AI analysis. These AI-powered insights act as valuable second opinions, enhancing clinician judgment and promoting informed choices. By providing clinicians with AI-generated guidance, it encourages a collaborative decision-making approach, ensuring that each patient benefits from the most comprehensive and personalized care available.

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