Family Practice

Family practices are constantly challenged to build and maintain a practice that is not only profitable but provides the best care for their patients, all while being required to meet the regulatory hurdles presented to them.

Our platform is built to help family practices document faster and more efficiently, provide a seamless patient experience and get paid more, quicker.

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Driving Growth for Family Practices

Streamline your practice efficiency and provide the best care for your patients with access to patient information from anywhere at any time

Clients increase revenue
up to 40%

Revenue Realization Rate
up to 97%

First Pass Rate
up to 97%

How We Help Family Practices

Maximize Financial Performance

We help family practices collect every dollar thanks to a powerful rules engine that submits clean claims alongside guidance from dedicated client managers, leading to 7% higher revenue realization rate and over 45 days reduction in Days in A/R. CareCloud covers every scenario, so you can have the flexibility you need with the resources you deserve.

Delight Your Patients, Grow Your Practice

Collect more money not just from payers, but from patients too: they get convenient tools to engage with your practice and easier ways to pay and purchase retail items, in the office or on the go, resulting in 5-10% higher patient collection rates and the ability to capture new revenue streams. And your staff will love saving 10-15 min per new patient by eliminating paper and phone calls from your intake workflow.

Super Fast Documentation

Practice at the top of your license with in-creased efficiency at every step of an en-counter. Highly-customizable templates means you can set up a fast and repeat-able workflow. Order and procedure sets, macros, documentation by exception and reusable options eliminates clicks, and speech recognition options lets you add notes faster than ever. All of this and more drives over 25% reduction in documentation time.

“I see 30-45 patients a day and that’s not a hardship anymore. I can go in and see my patient, do what they need, and then document what I did and move on to the next one. CareCloud is a life saver…I have weekends off. I took a vacation for the first time. I have a life back.”


Dr. Howard. LifeArts Integrated Health Center

Female Doctor

Software That Make a Real Difference

Faster Charting

Quick access to patient information from a customizable patient view shows exactly what you want to see – medications, history, order results, labs and more. Create and save templates and order sets for routine checkups, reducing steps so providers can spend more time with patients.

Patient Experience

Streamline your waiting room with paperless intake, leveraging tablets for demographic and insurance information that flows right into your EHR and PM. Never ask patients repetitive questions, helping you see more patients in less time.

Improve Collections

Automated billing rules embedded in claim workflows help you avoid costly errors and get paid more, faster while revenue cycle management experts in family practice ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Efficient Administration

Intuitive practice management offloads administrative overhead for yourself and your staff. Integrated systems reduce unnecessary data entry, while our Mobile app makes it possible to manage your schedule, respond to patient calls, and manage your practice on the go.

“We wanted to form a relationship where we could provide feedback to make the product stronger. That ultimately makes the product more successful for our group, for the company, and for the broader marketplace. CareCloud was a great fit.”

Leona Mathews, MBA, Practice Administrator

Female Practice Manager

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