LifeArts Integrated Health Center

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Total Billing
Up 27%

Time Saved Per Week
20 Hours

Patient No-Shows
Down To 0.9% From 3%

Fast Facts

Primary Care
1 Provider
1 Location
3 Staff Members


CareCloud Breeze
CareCloud Charts
CareCloud Concierge

LifeArts Integrated Health Center Case Study

Key Challenges

Finding software that could handle more than one specialty

Dr. Julie Howard holds licenses as both a Chiropractor and Family Nurse Practitioner, offering primary care services to help patients on their path to wellness. Unfortunately, what works for her patients wasn’t well supported.

Feeling disconnected from patients

Without mobile access to her practice system or patient charts, Dr. Howard was not able to be there for her patients when they needed her, such as making schedule changes or responding to patient calls in off hours. In the office, patients were having to fill out long questionnaires and update forms, which had to be transcribed and slowed down the clinical encounter.

Endless paperwork leading to burnout

As a solo practitioner in an ever-changing and ever-growing practice, Dr. Howard found herself spending twelve hours a day, seven days a week, managing the paperwork associated with running LifeArts. “Something had to give,” whether that was closing the practice or finding a technology partner to help.

“I know CareCloud has my back and they’re out there making sure we do the best we can and nothing is missed.”


Dr. Julie Howard, Practice Owner, Life Arts Integrated Health Center 

Female Practice Manager

Key Outcomes

Seeking a platform for growth

CareCloud’s patient experience management (PXM) solution, Breeze, instantly populates intake information to the PM and EHR to expedite care. With multi-specialty support and easily accessible information from the clinical summary, Dr. Howard has the right information when she needs it. More efficient staff and the ability to document on the go has resulted in a 15-20 minute savings per patient, allowing Dr. Howard to see 2-3 more patients per day.

Improved patient experience

Dr. Howard can deliver on a better patient experience, from intake and check-in to automated appointment reminders. No-show rates have gone down 66% to less than 1% of all appointments. Working in a small Nebraskan town known for unpredictable weather, and wanting to provide anytime access for her patients, Dr. Howard can now access patient charts and schedules anytime, anywhere.

Optimized financial performance

As a small practice, Dr. Howard felt that revenue cycle management (RCM) was out of the budget. However, offloading the heavy lifting around getting paid has paid back in dividends. Combined with the patient responsibility management features of Breeze, LifeArts has increased total billings by 27%. Perhaps more importantly, Dr. Howard has her evenings and weekends free for the first time in years.

LifeArts Integrated Health Center Customer Story
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