Doctors on Call Maui

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Days In A/R Down To

8.5 From 23

Total Billing Up By

Charting Encounters Faster By
15 Minutes

Fast Facts

Urgent Care
5 Providers
2 Locations + 5 Virtual Locations In Pharmacies
27 Staff Members


Breeze PXM
Charts EHR
Concierge RCM

Doctors on Call Case Study

Key Challenges

Physicians were charting with paper

Acute urgent care facilities face different challenges related to high patient volumes, including a high volume of paperwork associated with continuous new patients. Six years ago, Doctors on Call Maui’s physicians were charting entirely with paper with no electronic health record (EHR). With multiple locations and over 30,000 patients per year, this volume of paper was unsustainable.

PM workflow didn’t support a high volume of patients

With over 60% of patient volume coming from one-time patients, Doctors on Call Maui needed a more effective way to move patients through the care experience, from intake to visit to payment processing. Delays in any step of the patient process would lead to longer waits for patients.

Complicated billing taking its toll

Doctors on Call Maui does not take any mainland insurances other than HMSA and Medicare, requiring a specific set up for insurance contracting, write-offs and adjustments. Even with an in-house billing team, it was difficult making sure all locations are billing correctly. Given the volume of patients, the in-house team lacked the time to work denials and appeals.

“In our business, we want people in and out and back to enjoying their vacations. CareCloud provides us the analytics we need to track what’s important to our patients.”


Paige Williams, Managing Director, Doctors on Call Maui

Female Practice Manager

Key Outcomes

An integrated cloud-based solution improves practice performance

As an urgent care practice in a high-tourist area, Doctors on Call Maui relies on CareCloud to help get patients in and out and back to enjoying their vacations. CareCloud makes it easy to check patients in and out, verify insurance eligibility, and prepare claims with real-time error alerts and easy cash payment processing. “If our staff could use Facebook, they can use CareCloud,” notes Paige Williams, Managing Director.

Simplified clinical workflow

As an integrated platform, Information from patient intake is automatically posted to the CareCloud Charts EHR, expediting clinical workflow. Physicians leverage configurable templates and integrated order sets as well as streamlined workflows for common visits such as swimmer’s ear or stepping on a sea urchin.

A strong foundation to support growth

By leveraging CareCloud’s revenue cycle management (RCM) services, Doctors on Call Maui is able to effectively “extend” her own in-house billing team, helping bring Days in A/R from over 22 to just 8.5. Doctors on call has grown 122% while with CareCloud, with plans to open a third large urgent care clinic, noting this growth “would not be possible without a strong foundation of practice management.”

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