The Foot Group

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Hours Saved
5 Per Week

Revenue Realization Rate
96% Per Week

Patient No-Show Rate
Down 18% From Average 

Fast Facts

Podiatry practice
2 Providers
2 Locations
3 Staff Members


Charts EHR
Central PM
Concierge RCM
Breeze Patient Experience Management

The Foot Group Case Study

Key Challenges

Solutions aren’t designed for podiatry

Like most practices, podiatry faces unique needs for medical billing, practice management and EHR. Most solutions aren’t designed to support podiatry workflows, requiring information to be entered in freehand, with no way to share information or custom built templates between practitioners.

Healthcare landscape is changing faster than most software

The healthcare landscape has undergone significant changes in the past five years, with these changes affecting healthcare costs, billing and even office management. The Foot Group first experienced this with ICD-10, when their PM system started to get slower and more cumbersome to use.

Outsourced billing wasn’t delivering on results

Billing was outsourced to two different companies: one who failed to follow up on claims and another who failed to understand the billing requirements in podiatry, leading to errors, frustration and hours of wasted time.

“CareCloud did a lot of work to help us get our practice back to where it should be.”


Dr. Karla Scanlon, DPM, The Foot Group

Female Doctor

Key Outcomes

A partner to keep pace with change

As a practice already devoted to quality care, CareCloud supplied The Foot Group with a step-by-step personalized MIPS Action Plan for The Foot Group, taking all the guesswork out of meeting and submitting appropriate metrics using the integrated MIPS Dashboard. Poised for success under MIPS, CareCloud also helped get the Group’s FPRR up from 75% to over 96% and achieve a 96% revenue realization rate.

User-friendly EHR saves time

CareCloud Charts EHR helped meet the needs of the podiatry practice, with the ability to create custom templates to fit the unique workflows of each podiatrist in the office. Where a template is useful to both, it can easily be shared. These templates have reduced the amount of screen time spent during patient encounters and help standardize notations, making it easy to ensure continuity of care when the podiatrists see each other’s patients.

Providing a better patient experience

Breeze has helped reduce administrative overhead by as much as an hour each day, automating intake to the PM + EHR and sending reminders to patients. Breeze has resulted in an 18% reduction in the appointment no-show rate and has removed inevitable transcription errors that impacted reimbursement. Better yet, patients love the experience.

The Foot Group Customer Story
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