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Faster Charting
50% Faster

Patient Intake
10 Min Faster

Net Collection Rate
9% Increase

Fast Facts

1 Provider
2 Locations
3 Staff Members


Breeze PXM
Charts EHR
Concierge RCM

Franco and Co Case Study

Key Challenges

Access to patient information on the go

Working with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospital-based patients and office-based patients, Dr. Sandra Lee Franco needed to be able to access and update patient information and practice data on the go.

Inefficient documentation

Without mobile support, Dr. Franco was forced to use paper charts. Paperwork would accumulate, instead of being complete at the time of the encounter. In the end, the paperwork would then need to be re-transcribed into the EHR along with important pictures of patients for wound and lower extremity reconstructive surgeries.

Meeting patient experience expectations

Running a beautiful and clinically innovative medical spa on old-fashioned software didn’t sit well with Dr. Franco. She wanted software that would be user-friendly for her clinical workflow, but also user-friendly for staff and for patients.

“CareCloud is super intutive for the physcian, but also for the employees and for patients.”


Jaime Franco, Office Manager, Franco & Co

Male Practice Manager

Key Outcomes

Anytime, anywhere clinical workflow

Dr. Franco works closely with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospital-based patients and office-based patients, relying on CareCloud’s mobile app, Companion, to securely view and manage appointments and patient charts anytime, anywhere. Companion helps Dr. Franco streamline documentation both inside and outside the office, simplifying the process of adding pictures of wounds to patient charts.

Integrated platform increases productivity

CareCloud’s top-of-the-line practice management and EHR solutions offered the clinic all the tools it needed to be productive, wrapped up in a modern, easy-to-use interface. One-click communication with other practitioners, integrated office chats and simple charting led to significant improvements, including 50% faster charting time, 9% improved net collections, and 10 minutes shaved from patient intake.

Attracting new patients & revenue

Franco & Co leverage the latest in patient experience management, Breeze, which integrates right into their EHR + PM to realize efficiencies in the patient lifecycle and offer a modern, relaxed experience to patients, who can check-in or update their information from home or a tablet device. Offering innovative and cutting-edge experience services, including a retail store for spa products and over-the-counter medications, has helped set Franco & Co apart from the competition, helping attract and retain new patients and grow revenue opportunities.

Franco and Co Customer Story
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