Poplar Bluff Urology

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Percentage Of AR
78% To 36% Over 120 Days 

Billing Days Reduced
By 20 From 62 Days

Patients Seen Per Day
10 + From Average 

Fast Facts

Adult and Pediatric Urology
1 Provider
1 Location
6 Staff Members


CareCloud Breeze
Charts EHR
Concierge RCM

Poplar Bluff Case Study

Key Challenges

Transcribing forms taking up valuable time

Like most practices, Poplar Bluff was drowning in paperwork. Patients had to fill out long intake forms, plus all the consent forms necessary for surgery. All of these forms came back to the office staff, who would then transcribe forms into the EHR and PM systems. This process took up valuable hours of every day.

A need to improve the clinical encounter

After completing intake forms, Dr. Chakrabarty would need to review the paper forms during the patient consult or re-ask the same questions, hoping to speed up the process. If consent forms were needed, Dr. Chakrabarty would review them with the patient for a signature. After leaving the room, he would pause in his workflow to document the encounter. All of this was eating up valuable time in the day.

An opportunity to streamline billing processes

Although Dr. Chakrabarty considers himself on the cutting edge of billing processes for Urology, he’s always on the lookout to improve. Dr. Chakrabarty recognized that transcribing forms could introduce delays and errors in his billing processes and that in-house billing was costly. Time spent on claims submission, A/R follow-ups, working denials, and running reports could be better redirected to patient-supporting activities.

“Right now we are breezing through our admnistravtive needs because of Breeze.”


Dr. Chakrabarty, MD, Poplar Bluff Urology 

Male Doctor

Key Outcomes

Streamlining the patient management workflow

Poplar Bluff has been leveraging the integrated clinical and financial solutions of the CareCloud platform and was quick to see the benefits of Breeze, CareCloud’s new patient experience management (PXM) solution. As a result of improved information at point of care and easy-to-use templates for documentation in the EHR, Dr. Chakrabarty is able to see 10+ more patients per day.

Creating a paperless practice

Patients can complete intake and consent forms at home or on a touch-screen tablet. Completed forms are imported directly into the EHR to expedite the clinical encounter while payments are automatically posted to the PM. These integrations free up significant administrative time and unlock hours in the clinical workflow. Now, doctors can visit with patients and spend less than 5 minutes of that time on the computer.

Driving practice profitability

In one year, billing days have gone from 62 down to 40 and the first pass resolution rate (FPRR) has climbed up to 91%, a huge improvement over the 63% without the RCM support at CareCloud. The percentage of accounts receivable (A/R) over 120 days has also improved by over 53% from the previous year.

Poplar Bluff Customer Story
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