Alpha Dermatology

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80% to 96%

150+ Patients 

Revenue Realization Rate
Up 8%

Fast Facts

Dermatology Practice
2 Providers
3 Locations
15 Staff Members


Concierge RCM

Alpha Dermatology Case Study

Key Challenges

Provide reliable, cost-effective RCM services

With a purposeful ‘flat’ organizational structure, Dr. Daniel Shrager wanted to find a reliable partner to provide revenue cycle management (RCM) support at Alpha Dermatology, helping offload the administrative tasks around getting paid. Although Dr. Shrager wanted to offload billing, he still wanted to be able to run his own reports to track and improve practice profitability.

Easy practice administration

As a customer-focused practice, Dr. Shrager is always looking for ways to streamline practice administration with a combination of modern technology and outsourcing. Dr. Shrager wanted to eliminate paperwork, unnecessary reminder phone calls and the internal time spent on billings and collections.

High patient volume support

Alpha Dermatology sees over 15,000 patients per year across three locations, providing a variety of medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services. The practice needed a way to add greater efficiency to every step of the patient flow, ensuring that patients are never left waiting. Dr. Shrager also needed to know that.

“CareCloud has helped make our growth easier, If I did have the opportunity to expand with more providers, CareCloud would be the place to go to support that.”


Dr. Daniel Shrager, Board Certified Dermatologist 

Male Doctor

Key Outcomes

Streamlined office management

Freed from the bulk of administrative overhead (paperwork, phone calls, billing), practice staff are incentivized to focus on activities that create value for patients and growth for the practice: areas that have positioned Alpha Dermatology to remain competitive in today’s value-based economy. The combination of CareCloud Central practice management (PM) and Concierge RCM services have eliminated the need for an office administrator for each practice and helps keep patient wait times under 10 minutes.

Optimizing a high-collections practice

Like any dermatologist, Dr. Shrager manages a practice where treatments costing thousands of dollars or more are typical. Being able to confidently let a third party manage such a crucial aspect of his business means he can spend his valuable time servicing the needs of patients, not payers. CareCloud’s RCM team has helped increase the practice’s resolution rate from 80% to 96%.

Partner ecosystem supports practice efficiency

Dr. Shrager is the first to admit that he is heavily invested in optimizing his practice, seeking out new solutions and digging into the details of all the latest offerings on the market. That’s why he’s taken full advantage of CareCloud’s partner ecosystem to find and adopt solutions that seamlessly integrate with his CareCloud deployment, including automated communications, online appointment management and the ability to autofill canceled appointments from the waitlist.

Alpha Dermatology Customer Story
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