Sanova Dermatology

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Profits Up
40% From Average 

Average Reimbursement
Up 25% Per Encounter 

Percentage of A/R
Decreased 90% Over 120 Days 

Fast Facts

15 Providers
9 Locations
15 Staff Members


CareCloud Breeze
Central PM

Sanova Dermatology Case Study

Key Challenges

Outdated PM system

The antiquated client-server practice management system Sanova was using was stifling practice productivity and offered only limited visibility into the business. On top of all that, Sanova had to deal with tedious system updates and ongoing hardware and IT professional fees

Previous PM lacked integration

The system did not integrate well with other technologies, including an intuitive patient portal. The system’s limitations not only drained in-house resources, prohibiting Sanova from optimizing provider schedules and taking a toll on the bottom line. The lack of integration also affected patients, who were prevented from seeing a real-time view of providers’ calendars, potentially resulting in missed revenue.

Patients wanted more services

The lack of an intuitive patient portal further hampered productivity and profitability. Since patients did not have the option to pay balances online, Sanova had to send paper statements manually. This was a costly and time-consuming monthly process, increasing Sanova’s days in A/R and decreasing the likelihood of collecting some balances at all.

“CareCloud has the nicest appearance. It’s intuituve and easy to teach staff to use.”


Matt Nachreiner, Practice Administrator, Sanova Dermatology 

Male Practice Manager

Key Outcomes

Streamless integration

Looking to only truly cloud-based solutions, CareCloud stood out as one of the only solutions that seamlessly integrated with Sanova’s specialty-specific EHR. Additionally, CareCloud Central PM provided robust functionality along with a user-friendly design that made the system easy to learn. Intuitive metrics helped Sanova capitalize on new insight about a top diagnosis, making a strong case to bring on ancillary machines that paid for itself within months.

Confident RCM support

Sanova found great confidence from the fact that CareCloud uses its own system to handle revenue cycle management for clients, making the end user process seamless. CareCloud has helped provide a 90% reduction in accounts receivable (A/R) over 120 days and reduce days in A/R by 10 days.

Greater  profitability

By partnering with CareCloud, Sanova has been able to collect more revenue at a faster rate. After six months, profits went up by 40% and the average reimbursement per encounter increased by 25%. In addition to cash flow improvements, Sanova has cut down on overhead by supporting staff productivity. Utilizing CareCloud’s patient portal and online bill payments, Sanova saves over $12,000 per year in direct savings associated with patient statements.

Sanova Dermatology Customer Story
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