Premier Dermatology

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97% From 84%

Service To Payment Reduced By
15 Days From 28

Days In A/R Reduced To 21
From 47

Fast Facts

Dermatology Practice
5 Providers
2 Locations
7 Staff Members


Central PM
Concierge RCM

Key Challenges

Confusing and mismanaged billing

Despite a high patient volume, brought in by award-winning services, Premier Dermatology faced tens of thousands of dollars in collections because of misbilling by a third party biller. Dr. Marie Jhin realized that success would require more than just getting patients in the door.

Complex copays

In dermatology, complex copays are common. Some procedures are covered by insurance while other procedures, medications, and retail offerings are out-of-pocket. To add even greater complexity, some dermatology services are offered as pre-paid packages. The team needed a better way to manage and gain insight into these complex situations.

Administrative overhead

Complicated systems were impacting practice performance, resulting in duplicate calendars, misbilling and unclear processes on how to work the billing. What’s worse, Premier Dermatology struggled to run reports to assess their financial performance, making it hard to know that billing is off track, ballooning their Days in A/R.

“It’s endless, what I can do. I have worked with other systems where reporting was just a nightmare, with CareCloud, it’s just so easy!”

Janet Valedehueza, Office Manager, Premier Dermatology 

Female Practice Manager

Key Outcomes

Comprehensive PM + RCM services

CareCloud’s easy-to-use practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management (RCM) services have helped Premier Dermatology improve the effectiveness of their revenue cycle management process, from pre-visit activities such as verifying insurance eligibility, adding required authorizations, scheduling appointments and maintaining accurate patient demographics to post-visit tasks like coding and billing.

Driving practice profitability

CareCloud RCM experts handle the billing and remittance, with electronic claims submitted daily. As a result, claims are now paid out to the practice in 7 to 10 days with a first pass resolution rate (FPRR) of up to 97% and copays are collected up front. Better yet, the practice has been able to double its financial growth.

Intuitive analytics drives performance

Premier Dermatology relies on the Advanced Analytics app built into the CareCloud platform to help make data-driven decisions related to practice performance. Pre-built reports display critical metrics in seconds, while an intuitive report-building tool provides customized analysis to hone in on specific data, such as specific cosmetic procedures or self-pays.

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