Rockingham Foot & Ankle Associates, PLLC

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Additional Patients Per Week

Decrease In Days In A/R

Patient Visits Managed Per Month
> 700

Fast Facts

2 Providers
2 Locations
6 Staff Members


Central PM
Charts EHR
Concierge RCM

Rockingham Foot and Ankle Case Study

Key Challenges

Lack of flexibility

The original PM and EHR systems not only didn’t communicate with each other, but they also didn’t allow for access from outside the office. The lack of integration led to major drains on staff efficiency, trying to log into each system separately.

Patients left waiting

If a patient called in with questions about a bill, staff would log into the EHR to review the clinical information and then login separately to the PM to get the billing details, causing significant delays for the patient. In the event of snow or unforeseen cancellations, staff would need a printed copy of the schedule to ensure they could contact patients.

Heavy administrative workload

Like many practices, Rockingham Foot & Ankle carried a heavy administrative workload around billing and patient contact. For example, to call patients to remind them of appointments, staff would need to log into one system to find the patient’s phone number and another to find the appointment.

“Moving to Concierge took a lot of the billing workload off of us. They mail out the bills, so we don’t have to worry about that. It frees us up to do all of the other stuff that needs to be done.”


Donna Branch, Office Manager, Rockingham Foot & Ankle Associates, PLLC

Female Practice Manager

Key Outcomes

Customizable solution improves workflow

CareCloud seamless cloud-based PM/EHR integration, but also because of its user-friendly design and the flexibility, it offered to customize certain workflows and different view options to each user’s preferences. CareCloud’s in-system tasking functionality has helped boost practice efficiency.

24/7 access

CareCloud provides the anytime, anywhere access the team was seeking. In addition to the ability to access the system from home, Dr. McKinney loved the idea of being able to use CareCloud’s mobile app, CareCloud Companion, to view his schedule, review patient information, and complete tasks securely on the go.

More patients, more revenue, more time

CareCloud steps in at the point of claim submission and handles many of the critical, time-consuming tasks that follow, such as posting payments, appealing denials, and mailing patient statements. This has freed up time to see more 3-4 more patients per day and to focus on creating more value. With CareCloud RCM support, days in accounts receivable (A/R) have been cut in half.

Rockingham Foot and Ankle Customer Story
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