Practice Management, EHR and RCM Solutions for Internal Medicine Practices

Full-Featured Solutions to Benefit Internal Medicine

The challenging combination of declining reimbursements and rising costs is driving many internists out of private practice, with many joining larger groups to avoid the stress of running a medical office in today’s environment. Billing and administrative hassles add to these challenges, but an effective health IT solution can help mitigate difficulties.

With CareCloud, internal medicine practices can streamline key administrative and financial tasks using Central, our cloud-based practice management solution. When integrated with Charts, CareCloud’s flexible EHR system, the benefits are magnified— allowing internists to boost productivity even further, while driving better patient outcomes.

CareCloud Concierge adds to the value of our software solutions by giving you the option to outsource key billing and collections tasks to our specialized, back-office revenue cycle management team. Our experts alleviate the pressures that stem from heavy patient volumes and revenue cycle inefficiencies, resulting in increased profitability and lighter administrative loads for internal medicine practices.

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Internists will benefit from:

Increased productivity

Given the many demands on their time, internists have the fifth highest burnout rate among physicians. Internists and their staff are overwhelmed with administrative and financial to-dos that pile up throughout the day. CareCloud streamlines these tasks so practices get more done in less time. From optimized scheduling to robust business analytics, Central provides the tools internal medicine practices need to augment efficiency and revenue.

Faster, more effective patient care

General internists work long weeks – often seeing between 20-30 patients a day – and health care reform will only heighten their workloads. With Charts’ rapid charting capabilities, real-time patient flows, and intelligent task management, internists can document symptoms and conditions with just a few mouse clicks, so they can work faster without sacrificing patient care. Plus, integrated reporting helps practices stay on track for Meaningful Use incentives.

Higher profits with fewer administrative burdens

More than half of internists spend over 10 hours a week on paperwork and other miscellaneous administrative tasks. CareCloud’s back-office RCM team is comprised of billing and collections experts trained to help practices manage key parts of the revenue cycle – from submitting claims to issuing patient statements – eliminating the associated administrative hassles for practices. Outsourcing these critical, but time-consuming, tasks allows internal medicine practices to boost profits, while enhancing peace of mind.

Health IT that Meets the Needs of Internists

At CareCloud, we understand the unique needs of internists, many of whom are burdened by financial and administrative challenges. Now, with the larger patient volumes expected from healthcare reform, internists need smarter, faster and intuitive health IT software more than ever. Our cloud-based portfolio is built to work seamlessly with your practice, helping you enhance efficiency, patient care, and profitability.