Frequently Asked Questions About CareCloud

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Why choose CareCloud over a client-server system?

Unlike a client-server system, CareCloud requires a substantially lower upfront investment — you don’t need to purchase servers, buy software licenses, or incurring ongoing IT maintenance fees. We also help you stay ahead of changes like Meaningful Use and ICD-10 much more easily through regular, automatic updates that are delivered to your practice, so you avoid painful, messy upgrades with client-server solutions.

Is CareCloud ready for Meaningful Use and ICD-10?

CareCloud Charts, our EHR, is certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2. To learn more, visit our Meaningful Use microsite. Also, to learn more about how CareCloud support ICD-10, please visit our ICD-10 microsite.

Does CareCloud integrate with other systems?

We have an open platform philosophy that allows us to rapidly interface with industry leaders — like ZocDoc and Box — so you have a comprehensive set of solutions for your practice. We also integrate with many third-party vendors – EHRs, labs, immunization registries, clearinghouses, appointment reminders, and patient payment solutions. To learn more about our partnership an integrations, please visit our Partners webpage.

Can I access CareCloud outside the office?

With CareCloud, you can access your practice anywhere, anytime with just an Internet connection. CareCloud works from any computer (e.g., Mac or PC) and on any web browser (e.g., Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer). Also, with CareCloud Companion, our mobile app, you can access your practice using your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for better, faster patient care no matter where you are.

What’s the difference between Concierge and Complete?

Complete consists of our integrated PM and EHR software. CareCloud Concierge includes both this software and CareCloud’s revenue cycle management (RCM) services. With Concierge, our specialized RCM team handles your major back-office tasks like posting payments, working denials, and issuing patient statements. In addition, with Concierge, you have a designated Client Manager who works closely with you to help your practice optimize financial performance.

What results can I expect with CareCloud Concierge?

Our CareCloud Concierge clients regularly outperform industry and specialty benchmarks. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Concierge represents a partnership between your practice and CareCloud. This success is contingent upon both parties following RCM best practices. As a Concierge client, your Client Manager works closely with you to help you understand these best practices, so we can collaborate effectively to help you achieve optimal results.

How does my practice get up and running on CareCloud?

Your journey as a CareCloud customer begins with the implementation of our software. During the implementation period, our Professional Services team works with you on a full cycle from facilitating payer enrollments, to building and configuring your practice in CareCloud, and providing training resources.  Implementation typically takes between 60 to 80 days, depending on client needs and payer turnaround times.

Is CareCloud easy to learn and use?

CareCloud is one of the most intuitive practice management and EHRs on the market. Ranked #1 in “Top 10 Best Designs in Medical Software” by Software Advice, CareCloud is extremely easy to learn and use, so your and your practice staff can become productive immediately. To help you experience CareCloud as fully as possible, we also offer a full library of online videos along with access to our vibrant online user community.

What kind of support can I expect after signing up for CareCloud?

Getting started with CareCloud is easy. We have a seasoned, expert Professional Services team that can get you up and running quickly.  For our CareCloud Central, Charts, or Complete clients, your point of contact is our US-based Customer Support Center. For our CareCloud Concierge clients, your point of contact is your designated CareCloud Client Manager, who will provide the critical strategic support, insight, and recommendations for your practice.