Training Your Team: 3 Steps to Bring New Employees Up to Speed Fast

Bringing a new member to your team who can help provide better service and care for your patients is awesome. But training and onboarding that new team member can sometimes be a difficult process.

Even in the best-case scenario — when your new hire brings tons of healthcare experience — they may not be familiar with the medical software and systems your practice uses.

These points should help make the learning process easier for you and your new team member:

#1. Create tip sheets on everything. (Yes, I mean everything)!  Tip sheets are a quick way to engage your new team member on anything that is important in the practice.  This can range from important acronyms (EOB, HSA, HCFA), documenting system workflows, and office procedures.  This may seem a monumental waste of trees as tip sheets that are printed become obsolete with updates, but technology has provided us with better solutions than printing tip sheets. Use a free service like Google Drive to create and manage your library of tip sheets. You can then share links to view with any team member.

Photo of Christian Herrera at CareCloud

Christian Herrera, Operations Training Manager at CareCloud

#2. Create a fake patient in your system.  I cannot stress how valuable this is, especially to new hires.  Having a fake patient where a team member can attempt to document or try actions on is imperative for learning.  This lets the user learn and practice without the fear of what consequences it may have while allowing them to explore the environments within the different applications.

#3. Have your new team member shadow your subject matter experts. Whenever possible, having your new team member observe your best team members can dramatically speed up learning.  Express to your SME team members the importance of educating new hires, and enlighten them on the virtues of patience.  These experiences also build camaraderie amongst team members and let the new hire know that they are not alone in their medical software training.

Bonus Tip: Schedule manager Q&A sessions. New team members are likely to remain unsure in the beginning about all the ways your practice works. When they lack concise answers to their questions, all sorts of assumptions can take place.  Manager Q&A sessions can be an effective way to prevent this. Providing an hour dedicated to their questions at the end of the week for the first month can make a pretty big impact on knowledge retention and clearing up the confusion.  It also works to identify systemic issues like bad habits others may be instructing to your new team member.

I believe CareCloud offers the easiest medical management system to use by far, although – like all systems – it does require dedication to learn. Watch the demo video to see how it works.

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