Some Spooky ICD-10 Codes — Just in Time for Halloween

With suspense building for ICD-10 about a year from now, we give a nod to some classic Halloween horror movies, taking a fine-toothed pitchfork through a list of scary sounding ICD-10 codes.

We uncovered ICD-10 codes that remind us of some of our favorite scary flicks. Read on if you dare, but some of these descriptions could lead to F51.5 (nightmare disorder) and/or F40.233 (fear of injury).

ICD-10 Codes for Action Straight out of a Horror Movie

W29.3XXA (contact with chain saw–”Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)

R44.0 (auditory hallucinations—“Paranormal Activity”)

R44.1 (visual disturbances—“The Shining”)

Y08.01 (assault by hockey stick [Jason wore a hockey mask in “Friday the 13th”])

W31.81 (contact with roller coaster, “Final Destination”)

W56.21XA (bitten by Orca, “Orca: The Killer Whale”)

X99.2 (assault by sword or dagger, “Halloween,” all 10 of them)

W27.0 (contact with axe –“American Psycho”)

T71.224 (asphyxiation due to being trapped in a car trunk, undetermined) – not sure this ever happened in a horror movie, but scary nonetheless …

Codes for the Creature Features

X32.XXXA (“exposure to sunlight”– useful in any vampire movie)

K03.0 (speaking of Dracula…“excessive attrition of teeth”)

L68.0 (more of a werewolf issue—“hirsutism”)

ICD-10 codes for Scary Locations

Y92.89 (includes abandoned house as a place of occurrence)

Y92.86 (slaughterhouse)

Y92.828 (swamp/other wilderness areas—“Swamp Thing”/”The Blair Witch Project”)

What’s Halloween without some phobias? F40.218 includes fear of insects, parasites, snakes, and less commonly, chickens. Also, we don’t know how universal this phobia is, but healthcare providers are less likely to see patients with F40.232.

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