Minimize Documentation Stress with Clinical Speech Recognition

The electronic health record (EHR) was designed with the intent of helping providers become more efficient. Over time, however, providers have become swamped with data entry work. This is because EHRs require provider documentation before, during, and after each patient visit, forcing providers to focus more on the screen, causing patient experience to suffer. 

In the search to correct the patient-doctor engagement gap, healthcare leaders are taking notice of clinical speech recognition technology and its ability to minimize the stress of provider documentation.

If you’re looking to enhance your organization’s EHR documentation process with a more intuitive, convenient approach, clinical speech recognition software may be the answer. This innovative tool has made a name for itself in the healthcare industry, and it’s easy to see why. By way of a simpler, more efficient charting process, clinical speech recognition software offers flexibility and accuracy, allowing providers and patients to benefit from a higher quality clinical experience.

Dragon Medical is bringing solutions in speech recognition software to the forefront and, consequently, improving outcomes for healthcare organizations across the country. As specialists in easing the clinical documentation burden for clinicians, Dragon Medical is on a mission to impact patient care, while boosting providers’ efficiency. 

This Q&A with Dragon Medical’s healthcare AI experts covers the most common questions practice leaders have about the best CareCloud-compatible clinical speech recognition technology, including:

  • What exactly clinical speech recognition software is and how it boosts productivity
  • How Dragon Medical maintains a 100% successful deployment rate
  • How to schedule a free trial of Dragon Medical speech recognition software

Q: What is clinical speech recognition software?

A: Dragon Medical One allows a clinician to securely capture the patient story through their own voice, naturally and efficiently, into their existing CareCloud EHR. Using the latest deep-learning techniques and neural network technologies, Dragon Medical One achieves 99% accuracy, providing an optimal clinician experience from the start.

Q: How does clinical speech recognition boost productivity within my practice?

A: Dragon Medical One allows clinicians the ability to be more productive with their patient visit notes by offering fast, accurate, and responsive dictation. By leveraging the power of your own voice and efficiently reducing the time spent typing (you speak 3 times faster than you type), physicians can save up to 2 hours per workday. In turn, patients receive higher quality care, increasing the chances of better outcomes. Additionally, Dragon Medical One works for practices of any size.

Q: Does Dragon Medical One integrate with my EHR?

A: Dragon Medical One works alongside CareCloud’s EHR, allowing providers the ability to dictate in any of the narrative sections of CareCloud. This completely eliminates the need for alternatives like providers spending after-work hours manually typing into charts, or organizations paying for costly transcription services. 

Q: How does Dragon Medical One work with CareCloud?

A: Basically, anywhere you can type within CareCloud you can dictate. This allows for a more complete narrative, as most, if not all, clinicians can dictate much faster than they can type. Dragon Medical One is highly compatible with CareCloud’s technology. Please note that non-medical versions of Dragon are not HIPAA compliant because they do not encrypt the data and they do not include a medical vocabulary. 

Q: I am currently using a version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition, but it is not working well with CareCloud. Is there a way to improve this compatibility?

A: We have found that the local installs of Dragon Medical do not function well with CareCloud. We recommend migrating to our cloud solution, Dragon Medical One. Special incentives are currently in place to help mitigate the cost.

Q: I understand that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is being sunsetted. How long will it be supported?

A: DMPE4 will be supported through March 31, 2022

Q: Do you offer a trial of your cloud solution, Dragon Medical One, as a proof of concept with CareCloud?

A: Yes, we do offer a no-obligation 7-day trial. A technician will assist you with the virtual installation and abbreviated training session, which includes how to use Dragon Medical One with a test patient in CareCloud.

Q: Can you use Dragon Medical One on a Mac?

A: Dragon Medical One does require a Windows OS to function. Fortunately, there are several programs that allow you to run Windows on your Mac device. We recommend investigating one of these solutions.

Q: Do you offer training and support? Are these services based in the U.S.?

A: Yes. In fact, our in-house, U.S.-based support and training teams have allowed us to maintain a 100% successful deployment rate. Our personalized virtual training sessions are one-on-one and customized with the clinician in mind.

Q: How do we contact you to get more information and to schedule a trial of Dragon Medical One?

A: For more information, please call 866-977-3324, email, or visit our website at We would be happy to set you up with a free trial and discuss different deployment options that we will personalize to fit your needs. Our white-glove service is designed to train providers to use Dragon Medical One in tandem with CareCloud to a level of proficiency.

In Summary

Healthcare leaders are looking for clinical AI solutions and services more than ever before. With burnout and clinician fatigue proving to be real industry dilemmas, time-saving technology – like clinical speech recognition – has become highly regarded among growing practices. 

Clinical speech recognition software works through dictation to create thorough patient records that are accurate and HIPAA-compliant. This tool is increasingly well-regarded as an effective, efficient EHR enhancement that can save your clinicians time, reduce their workload, and allow them to be more patient-focused. As a result, patients experience higher quality encounters with physicians who have the time and bandwidth to truly hear their concerns.

With solutions that are easy to install, budget-friendly, and secure, you can quickly enhance provider efficiency and wellbeing. Once you realize the many benefits offered by clinical speech recognition, you’ll be ready to implement it within your own practice. 

Dragon Medical One is a proud CareCloud partner. Dragon Medical’s clinical speech recognition software works with CareCloud’s EHR solution to complement your workflow. To learn more and get started, click here

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