12 Best Twitter Feeds for Physicians

According to a 2013 eMarketer study, more than 60% of physicians scan social media on a daily or weekly basis to explore new health information, the majority reporting that  social tools have improved their delivery of care.

While social media may never replace more traditional means of research and learning, it can be a valuable channel in adding to a physician’s knowledge base. And by providing a constant stream of rapid, 140 character updates, Twitter seems to be the platform-of-choice for today’s busy doctor.

However, since its launch in 2006, Twitter has amassed a staggering 500 million users. In a work setting where 60% physicians are spending at least one day a week solely on administrative tasks, who has the time to search the labyrinth?

Well, apart from Power Your Practice’s Twitter feed, naturally, there are plenty of other healthcare-focused profiles that can provide you with the medical information you need to become a better doctor.

Here’s a short list of profiles we like and the characteristic tweets you can expect to see from them:

Healthcare Blogs







Medical Journals



Tweeting Doctors




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