Urology-specific software and services

Cloud-Based Solutions for Urologists

If you’re like many urologists, long work hours and the uncertainty of health care reform challenge your professional satisfaction. If you feel some degree of burnout, you’re not alone. More than 4 in 10 urologists report high levels of work-related stress, and urology ranks among the top 10 specialties for professional burnout.¹

Fortunately, the right software and services can mitigate many of the administrative burdens and industry pressures that lead to burnout for urologists. CareCloud can be your conduit to greater efficiency, profitability and patient engagement. We know software that saves time is critical — with urologists spending an average 58 hours at work per week and more than half dedicating 10 or more hours per week to administrative duties.² We can help you organize your day, lessen your bureaucratic workload and help get you home at a reasonable time.

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Solutions that Play Nicely with Urology EHR Software

CareCloud’s powerful, cloud-based health IT solutions can streamline the workflow of your practice. Central, our modern practice management solution, acts as a command center to simplify your administrative and financial tasks in one easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Use Central to easily schedule multiple providers and resources; bill effectively for services; and keep close track of your practice’s performance. Central also integrates seamlessly with the industry’s top urology-specific EHRs, so you can further boost productivity. Tailored urology EHR software eases your management of referrals, test orders, and patient notes, whether you’re treating recurrent UTIs, BPH or complex cancers.

The Power of Radiation Oncology and Urology

If you’re one of the many urology groups today also offering radiation oncology services—from brachytherapy to external beam radiation—you’re providing your patients with powerful integrated services. Shouldn’t the software you use to keep track of patients and coordinate their care be integrated too? Modern, cloud-based solutions can help you enhance care coordination, boost productivity, and run your business more smoothly.

Obtaining reimbursement in today’s complex healthcare environment is difficult for any medical group, but it can be especially hard for those offering a wide range of services. Outsourcing critical revenue cycle management steps—such as working denials—to an external team of experts lets you eliminate administrative tasks and reallocate your staff to other essential responsibilities. You and your staff will free up more time to engage and focus on patients.

Find out how switching to fast, powerful, intuitive solutions helped one rapidly expanding radiation oncology practice successfully incorporate urology and other specialties into patient services across a wide network of locations. Read customer story.

Learn more about how CareCloud can deliver:

Streamlined workflow

Whether you primarily perform urologic surgery in the OR or treat the typical 50 to 100 patients per week in private practice, learn how Central can increase your workflow efficiency and revenue.

Greater profitability with fewer administrative burdens

Let us do your revenue cycle heavy lifting so you can focus on your patients. Find out how you can quickly get some relief from daily practice hassles and improve collections and cash flow.

Mobile time management

Are you one of the many urologists who splits their time between the office and OR? Use CareCloud Companion to view your schedule and get more done on the go so you can make the most of your valuable time.

Health IT Software Designed for Urology

Now may be the perfect time to allow our software and RCM specialists help you boost your practice efficiency and profitability. CareCloud stands above other vendors when it comes to healthcare IT solutions for urologists. We understand your unique needs. Our smarter, faster, more intuitive application suite will work seamlessly with your practice to enhance your productivity, profitability, and allow you to focus more on your patients.

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