With an increasing number of urologists and competitive forces at play, quality of patient care in your office is critical for retaining existing patients and attracting new patients.

Drive improvement in patient care and increased satisfaction across patients using a solution built with your urology practice in mind from the start.

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Driving Growth for Urology

Urology has unique needs for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. We exceed those needs by helping you optimize your practice performance on a financial, clinical and patient level through our integrated cloud-based solutions.

Clients increase revenue
up to 40%

Revenue Realization Rate
up to 97%

First Pass Rate
up to 97%

How We Help Urology Practices

Maximize Financial Performance

We help urology practices collect every dollar thanks to a powerful rules engine that submits clean claims alongside guid-ance from dedicated client managers, leading to a 97% resolution rate and over 8 days reduction in Days in A/R. Powerful reporting and analytics gives you full vis-ibility into every dollar, whether you use your preferred EHR or ours.

Delight Your Patients, Grow Your Practice

Collect more money not just from payers, but from patients too: they get convenient tools to engage with your practice and easier ways to pay, in the office or on the go, resulting in 5-10% higher patient collection rates. And your staff will love saving 10-15 min per new patient by eliminating paper and phone calls from your intake workflow.

Personal Support from a True Partner

Our dedicated client managers are a big part of why CareCloud was rated as a top RCM provider by KLAS for urology practices. A full team of expert U.S. based re-sources are dedicated to your success, proactively suggesting improvements based on urology-specific best practices.

“CareCloud has all the bells and whistles. This is something which will expedite your practice, streamline your billing process, and, if you adopt Breeze, it will help you see more patients and be more efficient.”

Dr. Chakrabarty, Poplar Bluff Urology

Male Doctor

Software That Makes a Real Difference

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduce turnover and time spent onboarding practice staff, with a user friendly practice management solution and a patient experience solution that collects demographic and clinical information at check-in, so your staff can focus on patient care.

Improve Collections

Collecting accurate information helps you verify eligibility in real-time and avoid costly transcription errors. Automated billing rules embedded in claim workflows help you avoid errors and get paid faster, while revenue cycle management experts in urology can help boost your profitability and free up more time for patients.

Flexible Charting

Quick access to patient information from a customizable patient view shows exactly what you want to see – medications, history, order results, labs and more. Urology-specific templates and order sets help streamline documentation and improve care planning.

Clear Insights

Gain insight into practice performance through robust analytics that gives you detailed insights on key metrics from first pass resolution rate to reimbursement amounts for specific procedures like vasectomies or ureteroscopies.

“We wanted to form a relationship where we could provide feedback to make the product stronger. That ultimately makes the product more successful for our group, for the company, and for the broader marketplace. CareCloud was a great fit.”

Leona Mathews, MBA, Practice Administrator

Female Practice Manager

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