QueueDr is an award-winning product that automatically fills your cancelled appointments and prevents no-shows without your staff having to lift a finger. With QueueDr, practices can save time, increase revenue, and enhance patient satisfaction.


  • Quickly fill cancelled appointments
  • Increase practice productivity
  • Fully integrated with CareCloud Central
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QueueDr's integration with CareCloud Central gives practices an easy and convenient way to quickly fill cancelled appointments - automatically updating the practice schedule with a new confirmed patient appointment - without any extra actions required from staff.

QueueDr is an award-winning digital health company that has created the first fully automated way for doctors to fill their cancelled appointments. By filling cancelled appointments at twice the rate that's achieved now, QueueDr helps offices save hours in phone calls daily, increase physician utilization 10%, and increase patient satisfaction. QueueDr even helps drive more business by giving patients the opportunity to seamlessly review doctors after their appointment.

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