Luma Health’s mission is to empower leading healthcare providers to deliver personalized and engaging experiences across the entire patient journey. It's Patient Engagement Platform enables health providers to manage the patient journey and optimize every interaction to maximize patient outcomes to grow top-line revenue, reduce total cost of care, and boost patient retention.


  • Collect real time feedback and net promoter scores while driving positive online reviews
  • Send patients actionable reminder messages via text, email or voice
  • Fill cancelled appointments automatically without staff work
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Luma Health helps healthcare providers win back $27B/yr in lost revenue by matching patients to open appointments through its automated, real time, mobile platform. We strive to simplify the appointment scheduling process so that patients get seen sooner and healthcare providers can focus on delivering high quality care. With automated reminders, waitlists, cancellation management, and online reputation management, Luma Health makes it easy for practices to focus on patient driven care.

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