nVoq provides a HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant, cloud-based speech recognition and workflow automations platform for physicians. nVoq’s SayIt dictation solution converts speech to text in seconds, while its powerful Shortcut tools automate workflow through voice or touch.


  • Dictate on any java-enabled device with internet access while being HIPAA compliant
  • Enter data at 3-4x the speed of typing
  • Complete templates and reports in seconds vs. minutes
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nVoq’s, cloud-based speech recognition solution, SayIt enables physicians to document via voice from wherever they’d like; their office, home or hospital. SayIt paired with CareCloud gives providers flexibility to take their hands off the keyboard to complete detailed and accurate patient narratives.

Headquartered in Boulder, CO since 2000, nVoq prides itself on making workflow more efficient for knowledge workers.  Our HIPAA and PCI-DSS-compliant solutions platform leverages “best in breed” technology components to optimize accuracy, availability and scale. We provide both the cloud-based SayIt speech recognition solution as well as the Agent Assist desktop automations toolkit for contact centers.

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