Attract and engage more patients across multiple channels with AI

Meet Holly, an AI assistant that helps you by booking, rescheduling, and recovering patients automatically.

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  • Attraction
  • Turn Calls into new appointments 24/7: Holly can text patients that are calling to schedule, no more making patients wait on hold.
  • Increase 2x patient acquisition:​ 24/7 conversational self-scheduling through social, web & Google Maps
  • A multichannel/multilingual digital experience with fully customizable scripts.
  • Engagement ​
  • Automate your front desk: Confirmations, rescheduling and no-shows recovery.
  • Overcome the challenges of the COVID19 crisis: Recall lost patients, swiftly convert in-person appointments to Telehealth.
  • Schedule Capacity Optimization: Autofill open slots, waitlist and reschedule bumps.
  • Loyalty
  • Patient recovery: Recall recurring and dormant patients.
  • Offers and discounts: Send service or marketing messages.
  • Evaluate patient's experience: Request feedback upon cancelling.
  • Reputation management: Get happy patient reviews into your digital profiles.
  • Business Impact -Measurable, delivered monthly
  • 40%+ no-shows reduction.
  • 98% of patient reach via SMS or automated calls.
  • 500+ Staff phone hours saved per ten providers.
  • >5x ROI.
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Meet Holly, an AI assistant that helps you by booking, rescheduling, and recovering patients automatically, in sync with CareCloud. Allowing you to maximize schedule capacity and save hundreds of staff phone hours, helping you succeed and grow amidst COVID challenges.

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Nimblr is an AI company focused on healthcare front desk automation. With an AI background of over 15 years, Nimblr’s technology empowers healthcare companies to boost patient attendance rates, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiency.


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