FlexScanMD’s diverse, cloud-based, inventory management solution helps medical practices of ALL specialties efficiently manage the products and medications they stock, dispense, and sell from any device and in any browser.

No contract, month to month subscription includes unlimited support.

FlexScanMD’s integration with CareCloud’s practice management eliminates the need to double-enter patient and provider demographics and billing data between systems. Data is transferred automatically behind the scenes keeping all systems perfectly in sync. Configurable for both large and small practices, FlexScanMD promotes revenue growth by increasing stock levels of high demand products while reducing costs associated with overstocks and shortages. For practices with multiple locations, inventory can be managed across the entire enterprise, providing a 360-degree view of items housed at each location. This reduces unnecessary purchases and saves money by giving you the ability to quickly transfer inventory sitting idle at one location to another that needs it.


  • Full HIPAA compliance
  • Vaccine inventory management
  • Detailed tracking & reporting for VFC, 340B, Family Planning & other programs
  • Track by Lot number, Break-Open and Expiration date
  • Integration with PDMP reporting sites
  • Multi-Location Inventory tracking & reporting
  • Reorder Alerts
  • Sales Tax tracking & reporting
  • Barcode scanning and printing
  • Track products by manufacturer barcodes
  • Create your own Custom, configurable barcodes
  • Sales commission tracking
  • Support for Gift Cards, Promotions and Coupons
  • Kit creation & Treatment Packages
  • FramesData integration for Optical practices
  • DME rental management
  • Create sales quotes
  • Creation of Customizable invoices and receipts
  • Customizable reporting
  • IP address-based security
  • Create multiple user security roles
  • Full system auditing
  • Full system dashboard
  • Accessibility on any device and in any browser
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FlexScanMD's integration with CareCloud Central provides a robust financial and administrative solution for practices with inventory tracking needs.