Podiatry is evolving as a critical part of preventive care strategies to address long-term care of patients. As podiatrists become more involved in patient care earlier on, patient volumes, claims, and preventive procedures performed will continue to increase.

With this wave of change, podiatrists need a flexible platform to document quicker, get paid more and overcome regulatory hurdles.

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Driving Growth for Podiatry

Podiatry has unique needs for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. We exceed those needs by helping you optimize your practice performance on a financial, clinical and patient level through our integrated cloud-based solutions.

Clients increase revenue
up to 40%

Revenue Realization Rate
up to 97%

First Pass Rate
up to 97%

How We Help Podiatry Practices

Maximize Financial Performance

We help podiatry practices collect every dollar thanks to a powerful rules engine that submits clean claims alongside guidance from dedicated client managers, leading to a 98% resolution rate and constant collections efficiency gains. In addition, powerful reporting and analytics gives you full visibility into every dollar.

Delight Your Patients, Grow Your Practice

Collect more money not just from payers, but from patients too: they get conve-nient tools to engage with your practice and easier ways to pay and purchase retail items, in the office or on the go, resulting in 5-10% higher patient collec-tion rates and the ability to capture new revenue streams. And your staff will love saving 10-15 min per new patient by elim-inating paper and phone calls from your intake workflow.

Time Saving Podiatry-Specific Features

With input from one of the largest podiatry groups in the USA, the CareCloud Charts EHR has been designed by podiatrists for podiatrists. Including podiatry-specific features, content, templates, and billing rules, such as discrete data capture for shoe sizes or documenting abductions, saves the provider time and makes assembling claims easier than ever.

“I can’t hire enough people to do what CareCloud does. It’s impossible. And I can’t keep up with all the changing regulations. In terms of documentation, I find that Charts is very adaptable and very easy to learn. I can easily create my own templates that fit me, while my husband’s templates are totally different than mine, and it just works.

Dr. Scanlon, The Foot Group

Female Doctor

Software That Makes a Real Difference

Flexible Charting

Configurable podiatry-specific templates and order sets help streamline the patient encounter and simplify coding, making it easier for you to see more patients in a day.

Patient Experience

Patients can complete intake forms at home or in office, improving check-in and automatically populating the patient chart for point of care and billing. Provide an e-commerce store for your patients to easily purchase for braces, soles, and special shoes to generate new sources of revenue.

Improved Collections

Automated billing rules embedded in claim workflows help you avoid costly errors and get paid faster. Podiatry-specific templates for MIPS/MACRA tracking make it possible to stay on top of the latest regulatory challenges without taking away from patient care.

Anytime Access

Whether you are seeing patients in-hospital or in your outpatient clinic, you can access the latest information in your patient’s chart, engage with the patient and document on the go.

“We wanted to form a relationship where we could provide feedback to make the product stronger. That ultimately makes the product more successful for our group, for the company, and for the broader marketplace. CareCloud was a great fit.”

Leona Mathews, MBA, Practice Administrator

Female Practice Manager

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