CareCloud for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offices have unique needs, from the high proportion of copay patients to the detailed notes chiropractors make during exams and treatment plans.

While one-size-fits-all systems can leave you fighting your technology, we built our solution to be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the specific needs of physical therapy practices just like yours.

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How CareCloud Helps Physical Therapists

Rich Patient Summaries

Quick access to critical patient information from a customizable patient view shows exactly what you want to see – past visits, treatment plans, imaging and more.

Paperless Charting

Configurable templates for physical therapy help streamline the patient encounter, making it easier and faster to document exam notes.

Patient Experience

Patients can complete intake forms at home or in office, improving check-in and automatically populating the patient chart for point of care and billing. Powerful easy-to-configure retail capabilities let you build a profitable new revenue source for therapy equipment and over-the-counter medications.

Improve Collections

Automated billing rules and seamless integration between EHR and PM help increase payer collections while advanced patient experience management can automate patient balance reminders and offer options to pay online or with payment plans.

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