Obstetrics & Gynecology

Serving some of the most important and sensitive health milestones in a woman’s life, OB/GYN specialists are responsible for covering a wide range of services for primary care and complex conditions. Unfortunately, the breadth of care delivered and excessive bureaucratic tasks lead OB/GYN specialists to experience the 3rd highest burnout rate among physicians.

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How CareCloud Helps OB/GYN Groups

Comprehensive Charting

OB Episodes module allows providers to document a patient’s pregnancy progress within a single encounter for a streamlined clinical documentation.

Rich Patient Summaries

Quick access to critical patient information through the specific ACOG chapter that provides comprehensive visibility of a patient’s pregnancy saved into a central view for enhanced patient care.

Easy Reporting

Simple yet robust case management functionality offloads the administrative burden for ease of tracking and reporting.

Improve Collections

Automated billing rules embedded in claim workflows help you avoid costly errors and get paid faster. Integrated coding and quality initiative reporting make it possible to stay on top of the latest regulatory changes without taking away from patient care.

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