CareCloud Concierge is a top-notch revenue cycle management solution
made to transform the collection process.


Complete Revenue Cycle Support. Experienced Team.

CareCloud Concierge is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution that allows you to shift the burden of collections off your shoulders, so you can focus on patient care. Our comprehensive yet flexible solution is designed by the industry leading experts to meet your needs head-on. Let us help you to achieve practice’s revenue goals and to knock off the administrative burdens.

Our flexible, consultative approach, combined with our end-to-end services and specialized back-office team, meet your needs head-on. Let us help your medical group improve profitability and eliminate administrative burdens.

Flexible Solutions

Doesn’t matter if you are planning to move to our robust RCM solution or looking to maintain your solutions form another provider, our end-to-end services are not bound at any level.

Top-notch results

We are not your everyday revenue cycle solution as our services are designed to always go the extra mile to deliver comprehensive revenue impacting services. We make sure to help you meet revenue goals by collecting every dollar.


With timely analytics and reporting along with data accuracy, our solutions are complete, transparent and will provide you with the clear picture so that you never lose control of your business.

Professional advice

Round the clock support from an experienced team of professionals to provide you with a clear picture about the ever changing industry.

Experts at your service

Experienced billing, remittances and collection professionals optimize your payment cycle.

24×7 support

A team of highly skilled account managers will be at your services to provide quick and accurate response to your daily questions.


Boost your income

Carefully designed solutions not only reduce the staffing cost but also assist to boost collections by 7% or more. From claim submissions to A/R follow-ups, our expert back-office team will not only take care of all the vital parts of your revenue cycle but, also provide you with the actionable insights that will help in improving the overall process to get paid faster.

Knock off the administrative burdens

Enhance the efficiency and productivity of your practice with the help of trained RCM team. Our skilled and experienced members will help you give more time to the patients by reducing all the major administrative burdens such as denials, payments & patient statements. By incorporating our solutions, A/R days will be minimized on average by 33%.

Let CareCloud do the drill

Clean claim submission

No matter electronic or paper, we got you covered as our team will swiftly get your claims to payers in-time

Payment posting

Let our team handle the troublesome process of posting paper remittances


We make sure to follow-up on all the claims without responses and take care of rework for denials

Complete charges

We take care of the entire charging process i.e. reviewing and entering superbill charges and code operative reports

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We will print and mail out patient billing details on your behalf

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Handling errors

We will fix all the errors on claims to help you get every dollar in-time

Incorporate the latest technologies

Our highly competitive team of professional account managers will keep you updated on the latest healthcare trends. Our business model is designed to keep your business up-to-date with all the regulatory changes such as MACRA or ICD-10 and assist you to thrive your practice at your desired pace.

Let’s Connect

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Your trusted revenue cycle partner

CareCloud’s RCM is made to deliver excellent support services. Our aim is to help practices to increase their revenue by pinpointing the opportunities for both front and back end operational improvement.

Let CareCloud do the drill


We help in credentialing healthcare providers with all the concerned bodies such as Government & Commercial payers and managed care plans. We also assist in obtaining CAQH quarterly re-attestations.

Verification of benefits

From phone, fax and email support, we provide complete benefits verification of all medical procedures before the point of service.

In-bound patient calls

We are available 24×7 to the patients to answer their queries related to the billing. Furthermore, we can also collect payment on call for additional support.


Our expert team will review current payer/plan contracts to identify the room for improvement of fee schedule/reimbursements terms. We’ll also track down the progress through the entire negotiation process.


From phone, fax and email support, we provide complete assistance in getting the prior approval, necessary to acquire reimbursements for several non-emergency medical procedures.

Complete billing

We not only send claims and post payments but also negotiate the payment from the payer to help your practice grow further


Our specialized team adjusts to your software strategy.

You can leverage our comprehensive medical billing support regardless of whether you plan to transition to our robust, integrated PM/EHR platform or maintain your current vendor. Our technology-enabled solutions and flexible, consultative approach help you highlight areas of financial improvement.

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