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Solutions to Relieve Neurology Practice Headaches

If you’re feeling some professional discontent as a neurologist, you’re not alone. Tedious administrative tasks, spending ‘too many hours at work,’ and insufficient income top the reasons neurologists cite for feeling dissatisfied.¹ Not surprisingly, neurology ranks among the top ten specialties for burnout, with 41% of neurologists experiencing burnout personally.² This is likely a key reason why less than fewer than half of your neurologist colleagues would choose medicine again as a career.¹

If you’re like most neurologists, you dedicate considerable time to evaluating patients. You assess 15 or more patients per day, balancing scheduled consultations with emergency visits. The nature of neurology requires that you devote significant time and attention to differential diagnoses, workup, and individualized treatment plans.

Although the conditions you treat can be complex, your practice management solution shouldn’t be. You deserve technology that cuts out hassle and frees up time for you to focus on your patients.

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Practice Management Command Center

CareCloud’s powerful, cloud-based health IT solutions streamline your practice’s workflow, so you spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients.

Central, our modern practice management solution, acts as a command center to simplify your administrative and financial tasks in one intuitive interface. Use Central to easily schedule multiple patients, providers and neurology resources; bill effectively for patient visits; and keep close track of your practice’s key metrics. Neurology practice management has never been easier.

When you’re not seeing patients, you’ve got a list of meaningful tasks to accomplish — whether it’s securing IRB approval for your latest research or mentoring residents — so you shouldn’t have to waste time staring at your neurology EHR. With Charts, CareCloud’s flexible EHR system, you’ll speed up your day with easy to use charting by exception, reusable order sets, and configurable neurology templates. Rapid charting saves critical time whether you’re evaluating someone for Parkinson’s disease, monitoring anti-seizure medication, or coordinating effective pain relief for someone with multiple sclerosis. When Central is integrated with Charts, the benefits expand further.

Alleviate Administrative Anxieties

Do accumulating administrative duties trigger your HPA axis stress response? Neurologists work long weeks – an average of 55 hours — and not all of this is face time with patients, either. About two-thirds of neurologists devote 10 hours or more to administrative tasks every week; another 21% spend 20 hours or more.¹

With CareCloud Concierge, our comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) solution, you can increase collections, cut costs and free up more time for patients. Think of Concierge as your path to greater profitability. Our neurology billing and collections experts handle critical, time-consuming RCM tasks for you—from working denials to posting payments—so you can feel confident about your financials and stay focused on patient care.

Learn more about how CareCloud can deliver:

Improved profitability.

59% of neurologists do not feel fairly compensated.¹ Find out how CareCloud Concierge can boost your profitability now, while helping you minimize disruption from industry changes like ICD-10 later.

Mobile efficiency.

Are you one of the many neurologists who split their time between the office and the hospital? Use the CareCloud Companion app to get more done on the go — access your schedule, view patient charts, approve refills and more — while bringing flexibility to your day.

Faster, more effective patient care.

CareCloud Charts provides rapid charting capabilities, real-time patient flows, and intelligent task management, so you can make the most of your time with patients. Learn how integrated reporting also helps your practice stay on track for Meaningful Use incentives.

Connected Health IT for Neurologists

At CareCloud, we understand the unique needs of neurologists and offer neurology software and solutions to ease your financial and administrative challenges. You need smarter, faster and more intuitive health IT software now more than ever. Our cloud-based platform is built to work seamlessly with your practice, helping you enhance efficiency, patient care, and profitability.

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