Practice Management, EHR and RCM Solutions for Family Practices

Our Solutions Are a Good Fit for Family Physicians

As the primary source of care for patients of all ages, family physicians work tirelessly 50-70 hours a week, but spend too much of that time on administrative tasks that an effective health IT solution could streamline.

With CareCloud, family practices can simplify administrative and financial tasks using Central, our cloud-based practice management solution. When integrated with Charts, CareCloud’s flexible EHR system, the benefits are magnified— allowing family physicians to boost productivity even further, while driving better patient outcomes.

CareCloud Concierge adds to the value of our software solutions by outsourcing key billing and collections tasks to our specialized back-office revenue cycle management team. Our experts alleviate the pressures associated with heavy patient volumes and revenue cycle inefficiencies, resulting in increased profitability and a lighter administrative burden for family practices.

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Family physicians will benefit from:

Streamlined workflow

Given the many demands on their time, family physicians have the third highest burnout rate among physicians. CareCloud Central relieves stress by simplifying the key administrative and financial task required to run a practice effectively. From optimized scheduling to detailed business analytics, Central provides the tools family practices need to increase efficiency and revenue.

Faster, more effective patient care

Family physicians diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions, ranging from the flu to chronic conditions like diabetes. In response, Charts’ rapid charting capabilities, real-time patient flows, and intelligent task management help family physicians document symptoms and conditions with just a few mouse clicks. Plus, integrated reporting helps family physicians stay on track for Meaningful Use incentives.

Greater profitability with fewer administrative burdens

Half of family physicians spend over 10 hours a week on tedious administrative tasks. CareCloud’s back-office RCM team is comprised of billing and collections experts trained to help family physicians secure higher profits with less stress by managing key parts of the revenue cycle – from submitting claims to issuing patient statements, allowing family physicians to focus more on patients and less on payments.

Health IT Software Designed for Family Medicine

CareCloud stands above other vendors when it comes to healthcare IT solutions for family practices. We understand the unique needs of family physicians, who are currently spending too much time creating patient notes and referrals, and carrying out tedious administrative tasks. Our smarter, faster, more intuitive application suite is built to work seamlessly with your practice, making you more productive and profitable in the process.