Practice Management, EHR and RCM Solutions for Cardiologists

Software and Services for Cardiologists

The last five years have been rough on cardiologists. Medicare reimbursement cuts to key diagnostic services like echocardiograms, industry challenges like ICD-10, and rising costs have pushed many cardiologists right out of private practice. In fact, only 35% work in private practice today versus 59% in 2007.¹ Adding to the strain, administrative tasks and outdated technology are consuming more and more time, regardless of practice setting. Due to its complexity, Cardiology has some of the most demanding documentation and billing requirements, so it’s no wonder that 1 in 3 cardiologists spends 15+ hours a week on administrative activities.²

Fortunately, the right health IT solutions can help mitigate these challenges. With CareCloud, you get a truly integrated, cloud-based practice management-EHR solution from a single vendor. CareCloud Central—the most modern, intuitive practice management system on the market—helps you streamline your administrative and financial workflows and boost revenue. When it’s combined with CareCloud Charts, our award-winning, ONC-certified EHR system (Stages 1 & 2), you also streamline your clinical tasks to boost productivity even further, while driving better patient outcomes.

CareCloud Concierge takes managing your practice to a higher level. With Concierge, you benefit from both our software and services, outsourcing key billing and collections tasks to our specialized revenue cycle management (RCM) team so you can improve collections. And since we take on your major administrative burdens like submitting claims, posting payments, and working denials, you can boost financial results while lowering stress.

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Learn more about how CareCloud can deliver:

Better Financial Results with Less Work

Are you one of the 2 out of every 5 cardiologists experiencing burnout?³ Learn how you can finally get some relief from daily hassles while improving collections and cash flow.

Faster Charting

Whether you’re performing cardiac clearance or a regular check-up, CareCloud Charts helps you chart more efficiently. Learn more about how Charts can help accelerate your workflow with rapid charting capabilities, real-time patient flow, and intelligent task management.

Greater Patient Engagement

CareCloud Community makes it easy for your patients to schedule appointments, view their records and exchange messages with your practice online.

More Flexibility In Your Day

Wish you could get more done on the go? With CareCloud Companion, you can view your schedule and complete tasks wherever you are – at whatever time works best.

Delivering on the Promise of Technology for Cardiologists

We understand the unique needs of cardiologists. As the challenges of healthcare reform continue to mount, you need smarter, more intuitive health IT solutions to help you boost productivity, enhance profitability, and improve patient care. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on paperwork and get back to practicing medicine, you’ve come to the right place.

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