See your patients over HIPAA-compliant video with full reimbursement.

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Boost patient satisfaction and practice efficiency

Our telemedicine solution allows physicians to connect with patients for routine appointments over video visit – and receive full reimbursement through private payers. CareCloud Telemedicine is seamlessly integrated into CareCloud Central, our practice management system. Receive full support for patients and physicians, plus billing and reimbursement tools. Adding telemedicine to your practice lets you see more patients, boost practice revenue, improve patient outcomes and provide more convenient options for care.

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No Workflow change required.

Maintain current office workflow for scheduling, charting, and billing. CareCloud Telemedicine requires no additional work for practice staff. Appointments are scheduled and conducted directly through CareCloud Central. Documentation occurs in CareCloud Charts, or your regular EHR. Patients receive an automated access email to create an account, where they can verify their information and check in for the encounter. They then are ready to see their provider over video.

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The most comprehensive database of telemedicine insurance rules.

Our regulatory team has a deep understanding of state telemedicine reimbursement mandates. Our telemedicine insurance rules database gets smarter with every eligibility check we perform – and all of our clients benefit. If a telemedicine claim is ever denied, we add a new rule to the system and that update is automatically pushed to every client. We’re so confident in the accuracy of our rules database, we guarantee full private payer reimbursement for telemedicine visits.

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Capabilities for Your Practice include

HIPAA-Compliant Video

Secure video over a peer-to-peer connection, appointment audit trail, and a signed BAA for each client.

Co-Pay Collection

Accurate patient responsibility is determined through our telemedicine insurance rules database and deposited into your account

Patient Notifications

Once an appointment is scheduled patients automatically receive an email to set up account and join appointment

Custom Patient Marketing

Easily market telemedicine to patients with a custom branded web page.

Streamlined Patient Workflow

Automated appointment reminder emails and an experience that mimics the in-office workflow with a virtual waiting room.

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