Telehealth Marketing Kit

Attract and maintain patients by leveraging digital marketing assets to promote awareness of telehealth curated by our marketing team of professionals.

Leveraging New Mass Messages/Invitations Functionalities From CareCloud

Practices can now leverage these new tools that are beneficial for use with telehealth appointments.

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General Telehealth Benefits for Patients

Suggested value propositions when talking to your patients about telehealth.

  • No extended wait times
  • No transportation necessary
  • Minimize the risk of exposure
  • Gain peace of mind to express concerns about symptoms
  • Have prescriptions ordered or renewed without an office visit
  • Receive medical advice from your home or anywhere you may be
  • Convenient to use – available with using desktop or mobile devices

Suggested Social Media Post Templates

Suggested text for social media posts that you can customize.

Skip the waiting room when you see us for a virtual visit. Contact us and schedule your appointment today.

Our practice is now available for virtual visits. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

If you need check-ups, follow-up visits, or prescription refills, you can now schedule virtual visits with us. Contact us and schedule your appointment today.

Call and schedule your telehealth appointment today without the risk of exposure.

To help my patients who are social distancing, I’m making myself available for virtual visits. Call our office now to schedule your telehealth appointment today.

Need an appointment? I’m available for a virtual visit, call our office now to schedule one today.

Our office may be closed, but we’re still treating patients through telehealth. Contact us to schedule personalized care without leaving your house.

My office is closed, but we’re still available for appointments & prescription refills via telehealth. Contact us and get the care you need.

We want everyone to stay home and stay safe, so [Doctor Name] is now available for telehealth appointments. Call and schedule your virtual visit today.

Keeping you healthy is our highest priority. That’s why we’re now available for virtual visits. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Suggested Email Template

Suggested email template that you can customize for email outreach to your patients. PLEASE NOTE: Anything [IN BRACKETS] is information that should be customized.

Email Subject: [PROVIDER or PRACTICE NAME] Is Now Available for Virtual Visits

We want to continue to care for you during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. To respect your safety and the safety of those around you, we are now offering virtual appointments. [PROVIDER OR PRACTICE] is now available from the comfort and safety of wherever you may be.

Whether you are in need of general consultation, follow-up visits, or prescription refills, you can skip the waiting room when you schedule a telehealth appointment with us. If you wish to schedule a virtual visit, [YOUR PROCESS HERE – For example, if you want them to call your office]

We hope that you are staying safe during these unprecedented times. We would like to do our part while maintaining a meaningful level of care for you.

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