How Modern Technology Helped a Multi-Location Orthopedic Group Boost Financial Results and Reporting

CORE has delivered outstanding orthopedic care to patients in the San Diego, CA area for almost 30 years. With three locations, 15 providers—including five board-certified, sub-specialty trained surgeons—and state-of-the art technology, CORE has been successful in attracting patients and providing excellent care. However, in 2013, working with a local billing service and outdated software had the CORE team frustrated with inefficient workflows, weak reporting, and suboptimal financial results. Unsurprisingly, when CORE brought Leona Mathews on as Administrator that October, finding a better revenue cycle solution was one of her first priorities.




CORE did not believe the local billing service it worked with was managing its revenue cycle effectively and a lack of reliable reporting compounded the issue.


The billing service required manual steps, such as having doctors hand-write charge tickets that staff would then scan over to the billing service, which slowed down the revenue cycle (tickets sometimes went missing too).


The PM and EHR systems weren’t fully integrated, so clinicians and staff had to log in to each separately and often enter the same data in two places, needlessly consuming time.

“We wanted to form a relationship where we could provide feedback to make the product stronger. That ultimately makes the product more successful for our group, for the company, and for the broader marketplace. CareCloud was a great fit.”

Leona Mathews, MBA, Practice Administrator




By moving to CareCloud, CORE has not only seen major improvements in key revenue cycle metrics, but the practice’s results are also now competitive with industry benchmarks. CORE is getting paid more — cash flow is up 28% per month — and the money is coming in faster (Days in A/R has dropped 16 days). What’s more, CORE has lowered costs at the same time. “With CareCloud, our costs are about one third of what they were before and our results are remarkably better,” Leona says.


CareCloud’s intuitive and integrated design has saved time for its providers and staff alike by removing unnecessary steps between clinical and billing applications. “Having a seamless flow from the appointment, to the chart, to billing saves a lot of time,” Leona emphasizes. Plus, CORE’s providers now have access to the system whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go, providing much-needed flexibility.


CareCloud’s powerful analytics solutions have given Leona the insight she needs to monitor and continue to improve CORE’s processes and results. Command Center, CareCloud’s intuitive practice scorecard, and Advanced Analytics, CareCloud’s suite of tools for deep analysis, have both helped her gain deeper insight while saving time. “Command Center and Advanced Analytics are fantastic tools that give you instant data,” Leona says.

“The financial impact from switching to CareCloud has been incredible… our revenue cycle is faster and we’ve boosted cash flow significantly.”

Leona Mathews, MBA, Practice Administrator

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