Rules That Work

Built-in billing rules platform that helps you get claims right the first time.
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Catch Problems Before They Cost You.

CollectiveIQ—our advanced collection of automated billing rules embedded in the CareCloud platform — flags issues before a claim leaves your office, so you can improve collections and cash flow, reduce administrative costs, and minimize disruption from ICD-10.

The Power of the Collective

ICD-10 ready, continuously updated and expanded

Includes best-in-class commercial and government rules

Embedded in the CareCloud platform to streamline workflow

Dedicated CareCloud content team

Stop Fighting Denials

Get Claims Right the First Time

Take the guesswork out of getting paid and run your practice more smoothly with CollectiveIQ’s unparalleled clinical coding knowledge base. With millions of Medicare and commercial payer edits and industry leading content, you generate more accurate claims—more easily—so you face fewer denials, get paid sooner and improve overall collections.

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Reduce Administrative Costs

Make Your Billing More Effective

Boost financial results without having to cobble together multiple systems or hire rocket scientists to get the job done. CollectiveIQ makes your claims process more efficient by alerting you to claim issues upstream, inside your practice management system, so you can fix them at the earliest and least costly point. As a result, your billing and coding staff can generate more claims in less time.

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Minimize ICD-10 Disruption

Stay Ahead of Changing Regulations

Complying with myriad billing requirement changes may seem impossible, but automation can help. CollectiveIQ’s vast clinical coding knowledge base is ICD-10 ready and provides a powerful line of defense against the predicted surge in denials from the switch to ICD-10.

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