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CareCloud Community is a suite of patient engagement and social tools that gives you, your practice and your patients a secure way to communicate and collaborate with one another.

Community is comprised of a patient portal, as well as social collaboration and patient acquisition tools that give patients the ability to securely connect with your practice anywhere, anytime. By enabling better communication between you and your patients, Community alleviates the administrative burden on your practice and allows you to deliver a superior patient experience.

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CareCloud Community Features

Key Features

Explore the full range of features that Community has to offer. Allow your patients to schedule appointments through the patient portal, chat online within and across office locations, and send targeted health information to your patients to increase patient engagement.

Top Benefits

Learn how Community can increase patient engagement and lead to higher productivity and revenue for your practice through capabilities like Online Bill Pay, CareCloud’s robust analytics and an easier patient registration process.

CareCloud Community Benefits
CareCloud Community Differentiators

Why We’re Different

See what makes Community unique. Our leading mobile capabilities allow your patients to view their clinical and financial data anywhere, anytime, while full integration with CareCloud’s award-winning practice management and EHR solutions gives your practice a full range of smarter, faster solutions. Not to mention, Community is built on a social collaboration network, allowing you and your staff to communicate in real-time.