Free Patient Intake Form Template

Patient intake forms are designed to expedite the paperwork process for new and existing patients at medical practices. Improving the patient intake process frees up time in the day for additional appointments and reduces stress on front desk staff.

You can click the download link below to download your free copy of the patient intake form pictured. Paper patient intake forms have largely been replaced by the use of Patient Experience Management (PXM) software in recent years. Continue reading to learn more about the impact of digital patient intake on medical groups.


Patient Intake Form Template

Free Patient Intake Form Template

Paper Templates vs. Electronic?

Modern Patient Experience Management (PXM) software replaces the need for paper intake forms. PXM software enables patients to check in digitally in the office or from their own devices and then seamlessly integrates with the practice’s EHR and practice management software. A digital platform has substantial advantages of its paper predecessor including:

  • Faster and cleaner patient intake
  • Digital forms  that are available from anywhere, not just within the practice
  • The ability for patients to make digital payments from anywhere
  • Remote appointment scheduling.

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