By the Numbers: 5 Digital Technology Trends Transforming Healthcare

Smartwatch prescription ordering, wearable bands that check patients in, and ‘digital doctors’ are the future, a new healthcare trends report says. No, machines are not replacing humans — think more along the lines digitally-enabled physicians, such as surgeons who see patient vital signs in real-time on their Google Glasses.

These are just some of the major changes forecast in the Accenture report “Healthcare IT: Top 5 eHealth Trends Reshaping the Industry in 2015.”

Their predictions include:

#1. “The Internet of Me” – Healthcare experience becomes more personalized and more convenient for patients.

49% of patients are willing to wear digital device to measure fitness and vital signs.

#2. The Internet of Things — Healthcare disruptive technology produces highly connected hardware that increases access to care, patient engagement, and clinical collaboration.

76% of patients believe health management technology could improve their health

#3. “The Platform (R)evolution” — Smarter healthcare platforms provide patients with real-time health information and more self-monitoring through mobile devices.

54% of patients report health monitoring is their #1 reason for using mobile phone apps

#4. Cognitive Tech, Big Data and Health Analytics Technology could help diagnose a rash, confirm a fever and grant patients greater access to their medical records.

52% of patients want to access physician notes on their electronic health records

#5. Workforce Transformation Technology enables providers to be more efficient, handle more complex tasks and improve patient care.

66% of U.S. health systems plan to offer digital self-scheduling by 2020

Want to learn more about how digital will ‘dramatically influence’ healthcare? The report comes with a Healthcare Technology Trends infographic.

CareCloud’s open healthcare platform aims to drive these and many other digital innovations into the future.

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