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The Analytics app provides a wide variety of customizable reports that make it easy for you to measure performance, observe trends, and identify areas that need attention.

CareCloud’s advanced, real-time analytics give you powerful insight into your practice’s operational and financial performance so you can identify and act on areas for improvement as needed.

With actionable reports at your fingertips, it becomes easy to understand what’s happening in your practice and make better, more impactful decisions.


CareCloud Product Tour

One Powerful Solution to Grow Your Practice

CareCloud dashboard on a laptop

The CareCloud platform optimizes practice performance - financial, clinical, and patient - through integrated cloud-based solutions to collect more money, make care delivery more efficient, and delight patients.

This tour will guide you through all of the key components of the integrated CareCloud solution:

  • Efficient and powerful appointment management
  • A complete look at your patients, all from a single view
  • Streamlined billing & collections
  • Fully customizable, intelligent, and intuitive EHR
  • Revolutionary patient experience management platform
  • Analytics to help you unlock the growth potential of your practice
  • BONUS: KPI Dashboards to manage practice performance
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